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우리의 감사 기도입니다. 천천히 묵상하면서 우리의 감사를 생각햐여 봅시다.


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Thank you, God Good Morning!

Slide 2:

Thank you, God... …for the song in my heart, the smile on my lips, and the joy in my heart.

Slide 3:

Thank you, God... …for my faith when in trouble, which always helps me to keep up my hope. …for the Guardian Angel at my side who assists me in times of fear and pain.

Slide 4:

Thank you, God... …for the opportunities to show patience in order to gain experiences, which lead me to wisdom.

Slide 5:

Thank you, God... …for all challenges that help me to grow. …for my friends and the people on my way.

Slide 6:

Thank you, God... …for the laughter of a child, the courage of a man, and the wisdom of an older woman .

Slide 7:

Thank you, God... …for the love and the confidence, which I receive, and which I may pass on.

Slide 8:

Thank you, God... …for the immeasurable riches and wealth with which I am spoiled.

Slide 9:

Thank you, God... …for all the pain that made me what I am today and who I am.

Slide 10:

Thank you, God... …for all the shed tears that testify to the depth of my soul and purify it.

Slide 11:

Thank you, God... …for the strength and the courage to continue the fight and never give up.

Slide 12:

Thank you, God... …for all the secrets of life and for the ability to marvel at small and large miracles.

Slide 13:

Thank you, God... …for the love in my life and the person on my side.

Slide 14:

Thank you, God... …for a spiritual horizon that lets me see far beyond my small interests.

Slide 15:

Thank you, God... …for my mistakes and weaknesses that make me human.

Slide 16:

Thank you, God... …for the Life, Death and resurrection of Jesus our saviour

Slide 17:

Thank you, God... …for everything, because it is very good – everthing has its purpose and its meaning.

Slide 18:

Thank you, God!

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