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1888 Press Release - MotiveWave Trading Platform adds High Resolution Monitor Support as well as many other features and enhancements in Version 5.0.


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MotiveWave Software Releases Version 5.0 with Support for High Resolution Monitors 1888 Press Release - MotiveWave Trading Platform adds High Resolution Monitor Support as well as many other features and enhancements in Version 5.0. TORONTO, ON - MotiveWave Software, a Toronto-based developer of easy-to-use high-performance charting and trading software for the individual trader, is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.0 of its MotiveWave full-featured charting and trading platform, which now includes high resolution monitor support, a completely new look and feel, and many other new features and enhancements. Here are just a few highlights of the latest features/enhancements to be added into MotiveWave 5.0: • USER INTERFACE - The User Interface has been rewritten to work on JavaFX. This includes an updated look and feel based on a dark window theme. • SCALABLE VECTOR ICONS - All icons have been changed to scalable vector graphics. This provides a more consistent look/feel and sharper look on high resolution monitors. • HIGH RESOLUTION SCREENS - Improved support for high resolution screens. You can now choose the relative default Font/Icon size to be used for MotiveWave. MotiveWave will attempt to choose a good default when first installed. You can choose this manually from two locations in MotiveWave.


• CUSTOMIZABLE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS - Keyboard Shortcuts are now configurable from the Preferences Dialog. • CUSTOM TOOLS - Custom versions of tools can now be created from existing tools. These tools can have preset properties for components that are created (Ultimate and Professional Editions only). Once the custom tool is defined, it can be added to a tool bar. • TOOL GROUPS - Tool groups allow you to group 2 or more tools (including custom tools) into a drop down group that can be added as a menu button to a tool bar. • COMPONENTS PANEL - The components panel is no longer part of the chart, but part of the console/desktop. This single panel is shared between all open charts (instead of each chart having their own panel). • DATA FORMATS - Data formats have been switched from XML to JSON format. This has been done to reduce the size and improve loading time. Version 4 formats will still load in Version 5. • BACKUP/RESTORE - Several enhancements have been added to the Backup/Restore feature: -- Format - The format has been changed to a .zip file. This will significantly reduce the backup size and improve the load time for restoring from backup. -- Additional Options - The backup will now include more settings/options: alerts/alert history, strategy analysis, defaults, simulated accounts/orders, commissions, order presets, trading hours, custom themes and keyboard shortcuts.


• HISTORICAL DATA - Significant changes have been made to the way historical data is stored. -- Improved Performance - The performance of loading charts has been improved. Especially when multiple charts are open for the same instrument -- Data Import - The performance of data import has been significantly improved. • TICK DATA - Significant performance enhancements have been added for loading and caching historical tick data. • IMPORT TICK DATA - Historical tick data (in CSV format) can now be imported into a chart. "MotiveWave Version 5.0 has been our biggest major release yet and it is an exciting step forward in the evolution of our software", said Tony Lindsay, Founder of MotiveWave Software, "With Version 5.0, we've looked under the hood and have done major changes that benefit the user and also make sense when it comes to being able to maintain and grow a sleek, streamlined product moving into the future. We've shown that we continually keep improving the product based on what's best for the user experience and what's best for the software itself. We have no intention of slowing down." MotiveWave is a full-featured trading platform that provides advanced charting and market analysis, and is available for Windows and Mac OS X. MotiveWave is now available in six different editions, designed to meet individual trading needs, experience and budget. MotiveWave can be used to trade any securities that your broker or data service supports. These may include stocks, futures, options, equities and forex. Please visit the MotiveWave website for a complete listing of enhancements and feature additions: For more information about MotiveWave or for a free trial, please visit:


About MotiveWave Software Founded in 2010, MotiveWave Software is a developer of easy-to-use high-performance charting and trading software for the individual active trader. Built with the individual trader in mind, the company's full-featured trading platform, MotiveWave, provides advanced charting, market analysis, strategy creation and back testing that enables traders to easily execute their trading decisions accurately and efficiently through its intuitive charts, trading screens and order management capabilities. Based in Toronto, ON, MotiveWave Software is continually invested in product development to make MotiveWave the best trading software available.

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