Mr. Mike Tornabe Discusses Advantages of Biodiesel Fuel

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(1888 PressRelease) Logan Bus Company Michael Tornabe entrepreneur speaks about the massive possibilities adoption of biodiesel can bring within society.


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Mr. Mike Tornabe Discusses Advantages of Biodiesel Fuel for Transportation (1888 PressRelease) Logan Bus Company Michael Tornabe entrepreneur speaks about the massive possibilities adoption of biodiesel can bring within society. "Biodiesel can be made from many crop sources including soybean, rapeseed, flax, mustard, palm oil, canola, jatropha, hemp as well as waste vegetable oil", transportation inventor and aficionado Mike Tornabe said as he began a session discussing the future of biofuels, and biodiesel in particular. "This is a useful source of fuel, and one that is purported to reduce engine wear as well as result in less harmful emissions into the atmosphere. However, for biodiesel to be used as an alternate fuel source, vehicles require some modifications on the engine", he continued. "However, there are many advantages to be gained from using this source of fuel." Michael Tornabe further explained that the most noteworthy advantage of biodiesel is that it comes from renewable sources, unlike petroleum products whose underground sources are being rapidly depleted. Coming from vegetable and animal fat, biodiesel can be produced according to demand, and helps to upcycle waste oils hence reducing wastage. "Using biodiesel requires minimal or no modification of diesel engines, making a suitable replacement to fossil fuels. It can be used on its own, or blended with diesel from petroleum in any ratio", Tornabe stated, adding that using biodiesel improves engine lubrication and extends the engines' usable life, being almost sulfur-free. He further mentioned the environmental benefits that would accrue from adoption of biodiesel on a large scale. "Fossil fuels release tons of greenhouse gases on combustion, most of which contribute to global warming and air pollution. According to experts, using biodiesel and other biofuels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 78 percent!"


In conclusion, the transportation expert further added that unlike fossil fuels, biodiesel is available from products found in most localities, which can be acquired with minimal investment in sourcing. "This is unlike petroleum, which is only found in certain countries and will be depleted after a while." An energy source like this would therefore reduce dependence on imports and cost less to produce, reducing overall prices of fuel. "There is much more to be said of biofuels as an alternate source of energy, but suffice to say that biodiesel is clearly a future any progressive society should seriously consider", he said at the end. About Logan Bus Company & Mike Tornabe: The Logan Bus Company & Affiliates was set up in Logan in 2003 by well-known entrepreneur, inventor and patent-holder, Mike Tornabe. From 700 contracted routes given by the NYC Department of Education, the company has grown to become the largest private school bus operator within the state of New York, plying over 2,000 routes today. Speaking of the brains behind the operation, Mike has always been the entrepreneurial success story, having founded a successful Long Island roofing company prior to the bus company's inception. While businessman-ship flows through his veins, Mike has a passion for cars, preferring to be under-the-hood - in the heart of operations - rather than at the forefront. His excellence with car service rightly distinguishes his fleet of buses among the best-maintained fleets. Privately, Mike avidly supports several charities including the Wounded Warriors, NYPD, FDNY, Queens Boys and Girls Club, and the NY State Troopers. His heart lives to see children protected so that they can benefit from the education that would shape their futures. Learn more at

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