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Dominion Land is a Pioneer in providing you the best Hunting Ranch for Sale in Texas. Find Texas hunting property, recreational property, undeveloped land, auctions, leases & more! Call Now (830) 257-7979


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WELCOME Dominion Properties has created eighteen successful projects totaling more than fifty thousand acres.

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Beautiful Texas Hill Country Land Dominion Properties has repeatedly selected the most beautiful and most important land in the Texas Hill Country to develop.

Abundant Wildlife:

Abundant Wildlife Our ranch has a professional wildlife biologist on hand to manage our herd of whitetail deer and exotics. There are turkeys, hogs, and exotics such as fallow, axis, blackbuck antelope, Oryx, and aoudad.

Tax Benefits:

Since 1979 we have successfully helped hill country ranch owners take advantage of their tax benefits. We will help you create a ranching operation that takes full advantage of the available tax benefits . Tax Benefits

Texas Hunting Ranch For Sale:

Texas Hunting Ranch For Sale We share our experience, our manpower, our equipment, and anything else you may need to make life easier.

Real County, Texas Hunting Land For Sale:

Real County, Texas Hunting Land For Sale Exotics on the ranch include Red sheep, Axis, Blackbuck , and Aoudad. There is also an excellent herd of whitetail, turkeys, and hogs. 

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