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Dominion Group LLC is the leading commercial general contractor in Austin. We provide General Contracting and Commercial construction services in Austin, Round Rock, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and surrounding communities.


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Why should you always Hire Expert Building contractors?

Slide 2: If you want a home builder to construct your dream home, then it involves a great deal of trust and a significant financial investment.

Slide 3: Home contractors offer a wide range of services , right from roof repairs to full custom home construction.

Slide 4: If you're looking for individualized attention , then you can only rely on Residential general contractors near me to build the home that you have always needed.

Slide 5: There’re many benefits of hiring expert building contractors:

Slide 6: 1. Timely completion of projects: You should know that in the construction projects, time equals money. So , you should always search for a builder who has a track record of timely completion of projects.

Slide 7: 2. No Compromise on Quality : If you wish that only top quality materials & workmanship are used in your project, then it is advised to hire a contractor that values quality more than money.

Slide 8: It also makes sure that the structure of the building lasts for a long time.

Slide 9: 3. Adherence to Laws:   There’re several local, state and federal regulations that a building contractor should remember while constructing a new establishment.

Slide 10: If you hire an experienced house remodelling contractor , then you can stay away from the fines & penalties levied by the legal bodies.

Slide 11: 4. Easy Permit Processing:   A building contractor who has been in the business for a long time would have some contacts in various departments.

Slide 12: It will come in handy when you require special permits for any purpose.

Slide 13: 5.Safety Assurance: Also, you need to remember that when initiating any construction work there’re a lot of strict workplace safety procedures that should be followed.

Slide 14: If the procedures aren’t followed, the life of the workers could be endangered.

Slide 15: 6. They’re Customer-Focused: When it comes to having a successful project, there is nothing more important than communication .

Slide 16: Building contractors are readily available to provide advice and to make strategic changes that will benefit the project.

Slide 17: 7. No Mistakes:   You would require hiring an organization that has experienced professionals.   It’s advised not to hire some fresh graduates who can’t map the strength of a foundation or can’t follow a design thoroughly.

Slide 18: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm CST Email:

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