Domenic Previte : A list of 5 Best Cooking oils

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Domenic Previte introduces best list of cooking oil, which is good for a healthy lifestyle.


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Top 5 Best Cooking Oils By : Domenic Previte

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Have an Introduction about Fats There are two types of fats Good fats and Bad fats good fats are helpful in lowering the cholesterol on the other hand bad fats contain saturated fatty acids like stearic acid which is not good for our heart health. Good fats depends on our cooking oils like which kind of cooking oils we use in our daily life.

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List of Top 5 Cooking oils ● 1. Peanut oil ● 2. Pistachio oil ● 3. Sunflower oil ● 4. Canola oil ● 5. Avocado oil

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Peanut oil

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Pistachio oil

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Sunflower oil

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Canola oil

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Avocado oil

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