Dolabuy introduce some notes of BBQ and teach us how to choose BBQ gri

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BBQ notes:

BBQ notes Dolabuy teach us how to choose BBQ grill

Barbecue note:

Barbecue note The most important thing of outdoor barbecue is safety. Three main aspects: fireproofing, anti-scald and food safety. Fireproofing: the barbecue place should far away from combustible materials, near water and prepare a bucket container. Put next to the oven, just in case.Even through, there is a risk, you should not nervous.

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Anti-scald: The fixed conditions of the oven is bad during outdoor barbecue. So don't frolicking in he barbecue area. The temperature of the oven is high, so don't to touch.It is necessary to carry some anti-burn drug. Food safety: During barbecue, we may feel relax, there is a strong return to natural feeling and easy to emulate the ancient impulse. We should carefully decide whether the food is fresh, then we can eat.

How to choose BBQ grill:

How to choose BBQ grill There are many kinds of BBQ grill in the market, but do you know how to choose suitable BBQ grill? Don't worry, dolabuy can teach you some basic method for choosing BBQ grill.

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The first thing is material, this can devote to two part, one is the main part of BBQ grill, such has the oven body, roof cover and others. This part is the part which confirm the durability of BBQ grill. It is still material, it is said the thickness. There are different thickness of the same products. The common method is notice whether the roof cover is double cover. Also is material, it is the main part, combustion tube, it is the high temperature part and also is the safety use confirmation.

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