Dolabuy introduce you some knowledge of tents

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This report is talk about camping tents and dolabuy tell us some notes about camping tents, also tell us how to clean and maintain tents.


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Dolabuy introduce some knowledge of tents:

Dolabuy introduce some knowledge of tents Tent's clean and maintain

Some knowledge of tents:

Some knowledge of tents If the sleeping bag and the mattress moisture are outdoor lover's quilt and bed, so the tent is them "house", after one day tired journey, a comfortable "house" is necessary. During outdoor camping, tents help us resist wind, cool and the same time also keep us far away from disturbing by insects and small animals. In past, people was often using simple and crude canvas to set up a shed, that was harmful to our health. Now if you can carry a tent, those damage will reduce.

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The place to set up tent should be relatively flat. Pay more attention on wether the surrounding may fall stone. Don't sett up tent near water, big tree and on slope. The floor of should be dry, the tent's entry/ exit should opposite from wind mouth.

Tent's clean and maintain:

Tent's clean and maintain Notes for using tents: 1, Clamping shoes should not set foot in tents, the mud or small stone will stain the tent and fray the bottom. 2, To keep rainwater outsaid of the tent, wet clothing should not moistening other items. 3, Don't fire and cooking inside the tent, to avoid damage the tent. 4, It is better open the ventage during your sleeping time, keeping tent inside ventilate.

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Tents are very easy become dirty, specially the outside and bottom will stain mud and rainwater. The clean and maintain after using tent is very important, it is related to the using time of tent and directly influence the next use. You should find a suitable place to dry tent and move mud. After examine all parts of tent are there, then you can put tent aside.

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