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A great aid in this regard is a device that assists the owner, the hunter, or dog handler to make use of modern technology such as GPS to track their animals movements during the hunt or field exercise as you may lose sight of the dog. To know more visit


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Modern Technology Has So Many Benefits - Also For The Hunter Pet owners in cities in bigger towns – even in small places - often worry about the safety of their animals such as dogs that sometimes wander off and disappear not to be found again. This is for most of us traumatic experience as the bond between a pet and their owner is special is built on love and trust on appreciation and is rarely ever broken until such time that one of them passes on. Creating this bond starts mostly when the animal is very young to establish the hierarchy where the animal depends on the owner for providing a home food and water and for showing the animal love and care. In return the dog will love and protect the owner. To establish this bond means both have to understand what the owner expects of the dog and this is almost always some kind of obedience whether the animal never leaves the home or whether it is a guide dog for a blind person or an animal that assists with security and safety during combat – or during and after the hunt as it shares wing-shooting and other hunting experiences with its master. It is essential the dog understands what the owner wants and expects in terms of behavior and how it wants the animal to react to commands. Therefore training is provided often by professional dog trainers but also by owners. One can read up on the internet about the best training methods but that may not be enough as tracking your animals’ movements when it is not in your immediate vicinity may require better assistance since all dogs do at times get separated from the owner or handler – especially during upland and other forms of hunting.

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A great aid in this regard is a device that assists the owner the hunter or dog handler to make use of modern technology such as GPS to track their animals’ movements during the hunt or field exercise as you may lose sight of the dog. Therefore more and more hunters than ever before are looking at these modern devices that one can acquire these days to help train and track dogs during and also after the hunt and of course whenever these devices come in handy. They work based on a downloadable app that you keep on your smartphone for those times that you go out with the dogs. Download the app and the area maps where you know you will find yourself with your dogs ahead of time and be sure you can track the animals as they move in the bush or out in the open. Of course there are different devices available in the market but as is the case with everything some will always be better than others. Those that are often favored are the ones that offer use over long distances such as a few miles’ distances between hunters and dogs. They are available from select shops and trusted websites. Also some of these offer multiple use functions whereby one such device can train and track the number of dogs at the same time – some of them even as many as 21 dogs They are designed to offer great features such as for example tracking your dogs’ speed not only the distance they are away from you or have traveled in total. It is an easy training and tracking system operated as a handheld device of which the functions are paired with GPS functions already built into it and activated when the app is downloaded. Depending on what exactly the user’s expectations are some of these devices track movement distances speed direction traveled and help you teach your animal what is acceptable behavior and whatnot. They are the modern alternative and gaining ground among hunters all over the world. About Us: At Dogtrapath Finder we offer our customers the perfect solution in terms of which they can acquire a technologically advanced tool for their smartphone that allows them to use GPS and e-collar technology to track and train their dogs. Simply download the maps that we make available and use your smartphone in offline map mode you will not use cellular data after the initial download. Ideal for tracking your dogs out in the field this quality PATHFINDER from Dogtra is superior to all comparable products and offers features that set it apart from others. For more about us please visit

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