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change management 5 things to do or not to do


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Change management 5 vital points for CEOs :

Change management 5 vital points for CEOs Dr.Sarma

1-Identity extension:

1-Identity extension CEO --attempting to achieve self-referential closure Enacting own environments as extensions of their own identity .

2-Identity obsession:

2-Identity obsession CEOs obsession with self perceived identity Many of the problems that organizations encounter are a result of the CEO’s attempt to maintain a particular identity that he /she created

3-not ignoring development of people:

3-not ignoring development of people People development must get attention to succeed in organization change efforts.

4-Small steps huge impacts:

4-Small steps huge impacts cannot   force  complex systems into lasting comprehensive changes. One can merely nudge and push a system in the desired Be aware of feedback loops and provide room for experimentation with ‘new realities’.

5-Be aware of false signals:

5-Be aware of false signals People within organizations either will underplay or exaggerate their willingness to change

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