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Microbiology Web Sites


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MICROBIOLOGY best WEB resources:

MICROBIOLOGY best WEB resources Dr.T.V.Rao MD

Todar’s on line text book of bacteriology:

Textbook covers general bacteriology, bacterial relationships with animals, bacterial pathogenesis and the diseases of humans caused textbookofbacteriology.ne Todar’s on line text book of bacteriology

Microbe wiki:

Microbe wiki Student-initiated community resource on microbes and microbiology, including material on bacteria, archaea, eukaryotic microbes ,… microbewiki.kenyon.ed


A place to view colorful images of microbes, read intriguing microbial facts and trivia, get educational resources and activities, and … microbeworld.org Microbeworld

American society for microbiology:

American society for microbiology Conferences, journals, public policy and funding issues, topical reports, and links . asm.org

Microbes info Microbiology information portal:

This site links to an enormous amount of microbiology articles and information . microbes.info Microbes info Microbiology information portal

Home of cell alive:

Home of cells alive! Good general microbiology information, with images and videos. cellsalive.com Home of cell alive

Microbe library:

Microbe library Contains visual and curricular resources of use to teachers of microbiology microbelibrary.org

Uw-madison department of bacteriology madison, WI :

Provides information on the undergraduate and master's degree programs, the faculty and staff, and the courses . bact.wisc.edu Uw -madison department of bacteriology madison, WI

Virtual museum of bacteria:

Virtual museum of bacteria The museum provides information for the general public on all aspects of bacteria with integrated hyper links to over 250 relevant … bacteriamuseum.org

the microbiology network:

Links to users' groups on the WWW, mail lists, forums, and file libraries. Major areas of interest are regulatory microbiology in the … microbiol.org the microbiology network

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Microbiology and Infectious diseases are fastest growing science , the Academic generation of Microbiologists can keep update with best resources available on WWW Email doctortvrao@gmail.com

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