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initiating change is difficult, leave alone making it successful.what is role of change leaders? how to accelerate change initiatives. these are vital points for leaders if you like this please say so and retweet


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Organization Change Management - 7 key success factors:

Organization Change Management - 7 key success factors Dr.Sarma 07/25/2014


Ksf-1 Get a strong knowledgeable lead person to the change efforts Not a mere Technical Project manager, but some one who has done years of ocm study and implementation


Ksf-2 Involved senior management is Not Enough You need totally aligned and committed one


Ksf-3 Very liberal training budget and continuous training led by able trainer


Ksf-4 Sound communication strategy with highlight on long term benefits Not just sharing information about project deadlines and progress


Ksf-5 Continuous assessment and monitoring of progress


Ksf-6 Make change meaningful to the change participant You need to change behavior than attitude


Ksf-7 Create a sense of progress create Flash mobbers

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