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very simple but really effective to understand abt stress management.thankyou.pls allow me to download this presentation

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Stress Management : 

Stress Management Dr. Raghupathy Anchala

The two roads we can take…. : 

The two roads we can take…. ??? ??? Adapted from Stephen Coven. The Eighth habit

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“Stress” : 

“Stress” Stress is physical or emotional reaction/response to any kind of change – external or internal Brahmakumari

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Golden axioms : 

Golden axioms Stress is a form of pain that comes to tell me there is something I need to change Pain is a messenger that comes to tell me there is something I need to learn Brahmakumari

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Subtle signs - Mind : 

Subtle signs - Mind Worry about what people think More time spent thinking about what can go wrong than what can go right More time spent thinking about what DID go wrong than where you can go from here No time to think, always having to do

Internal stress : 

Internal stress Motivation problems, difficulty getting started Tendency to get too worked up when under pressure or in a crisis Tendency to dwell on how bad things are Often feel guilty

When we have internal stress : 

When we have internal stress This will help us: Information or counseling on self talk irrational beliefs Reinterpretation

Subtle signs - Body : 

Subtle signs - Body Insufficient sleep Frequent colds, sickness Negative effects from caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc. Uncomfortable chair, poor posture, excessive time hunched over book or computer. Eye Strain (wrong glasses, poor lighting, computer screen overload) Inadequate nutrition, missed meals, reliance on junk food Lack of exercise Aversive environment

For external stressors : 

For external stressors Then try: Exercise regularly Choose healthy foods Change your environment (lighting, space, etc.) Reduce or eliminate caffeine, nicotine and alcohol intake Get enough sleep

A balanced way…. : 

A balanced way…. Adapted from Stephen Coven …Eight h habit 4 key issues

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Effects of stress : 

Effects of stress MENTAL Irritability increases, forgetfulness, concentration decreases, less judgment power weakens BEHAVIOURAL Smoking / alcohol addiction, nail/biting, not mixing, reckless driving, eating more or less, sleep more or less, work-alcoholism or absenteeism Brahmakumari

What to do then?? : 


Otherwise : 

Otherwise NORMAL – alert is followed by defense NEUROTIC – alert is greater than defense becomes in effective PSYCHOTIC – alert may be ignored PYSCHO-SOMATIC – defense by mind fails Brahmakumari

The proved and effective steps that you can take to alleviate stress : 

The proved and effective steps that you can take to alleviate stress

Self awareness : 

Self awareness BECOME AWARE of your stressors and emotional and physical reactions Can you change your stressors by avoiding or eliminating them? Can you reduce their intensity (manage them over time instead of immediately) Can you shorten your exposure to stress (take a break, leave) Can you devote the time necessary to make a change?

Reduce intensity of emotions : 

Reduce intensity of emotions No “ifs and buts” Moderate or minimize overreactions Are you expecting to please everyone? Are you viewing things as absolutely critical and urgent? Work at adopting moderate views

Moderate Physical responses : 

Moderate Physical responses Slow, deep breathing Relaxation techniques - reduce muscle tension Medications - may help in the short term, you have to understand your internal milieu.

Build Physical Reserves : 

Build Physical Reserves Exercise for cardiovascular fitness 3 – 4 times a week Eat well-balanced, nutritious meals Maintain your ideal weight Avoid nicotine, excessive caffeine and other stimulants Mix leisure with work Take breaks and get away. Get enough sleep. Be consistent with your sleep schedule.

Bonds….bonds and bonds : 

Bonds….bonds and bonds Develop mutually supportive friendships/relationships Pursue realistic goals - which are meaningful to you Expect some frustrations, failures and sorrows Be a friend to yourself

Even these have a significant effect : 

Even these have a significant effect Improve air quality Ban smoking Open windows Have plants in the room Taker care of your working environment Work by a window full spectrum bulbs in your desk lamp

These have worked for me….. : 

These have worked for me….. Pleasant Assertiveness Personal space Focus your attention on your breathing Visualize Establish some feeling of ownership by bringing personal objects (small plants or photographs of loved-ones)

Three Idiots : 

Three Idiots Have a passion Lose Fear Stay in the present Just as your present status is determined by your past, so is the case with future….. Future is determined by your PRESENT@@

Enjoy the location in your mind : 

Enjoy the location in your mind Involve all your senses in the imagery: see the place, hear the sounds, smell the aromas, feel the temperature feel the movement of the wind focus on an object or a sound……….

How can we change?? : 

How can we change?? Victim Change Agent Blaming Objective Helper Manipulating Process Helper Forcing Counselor Resisting Stabilizer Fighting Referee Fleeing Educator Criticizing Energizer Brahmakumari

Take home messages : 

Take home messages A - Attitude B - Be yourself C – Cope with negativity D - Deny the excesses E - Empathy F - Forgive

Stress Busters : 

Stress Busters G – Gain from past H – Heal the wounds I - Insight J - Jocular K – Know your limitations L- Love your self

Stress Busters : 

Stress Busters M – Manage time N – NO (ability to say no and not feel guilty) O – Open to different views P – Praise others Q – Quest for happiness R – Resistance to energy guzzlers (downers) worry, guilt and fear S - Satisfaction

Stress Busters : 

Stress Busters T – Temper control U – Understand the situation V – Voila (be carefree) W – Worry…….Less X- Xpress!! Y – Young at heart Z – Zeal and zest Hakuna Matata …..?!

Preempt stress : 

Preempt stress

Key points : 

Key points Ways to relax your mind Write - find better ways to cope Let your feelings out - Talk, laugh, cry, and express anger when you need to Do something you enjoy A hobby, such as gardening A creative activity, such as writing, crafts, or art Playing with and caring for pets Volunteer work

Actionable points……… : 

Actionable points……… Focus on the present Meditation guided imagery Techniques to relax Breathing exercises muscle relaxation, and yoga, tai chi and qi gong

Breathing exercises : 

Breathing exercises Have you ever noticed how you breathe when you feel relaxed? The next time you are relaxed, take a moment to notice how your body feels. how do you breathe when you first wake up in the morning or just before you fall asleep Breathing exercises can help you relax make your body feel like it does when you are already relaxed

Doable things : 

Doable things Take slow, deep breaths Soak in a warm bath Listen to soothing music Practice mindful meditation - observe Write involves tensing and relaxing each muscle group Take a walk Get a massage

Avoid stress : 

Avoid stress Learn better ways to manage your time Find better ways to cope Take good care of yourself Try out new ways of thinking Work on letting go of things you cannot change Learn to say "no” Speak up - assertive communication Ask for help - have a strong network of family and friends

To start with…..Implement any two… : 

To start with…..Implement any two… S – Self confidence T – Temper control R – Resistance to negative energies – hurry worry and curry E – Empathy S – Self awareness S – Self regulation ………….rest will be taken care of!!

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