Geocaching in the Classroom

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Information for educators about geocaching.


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Geocaching in the Classroom: 

Geocaching in the Classroom Ramona Doberstein June 17,2007

Want to go on a treasure hunt? : 

Want to go on a treasure hunt? Imagine if you ask your students that question. Think for a moment what responses you would get…

Geocaching : 

Geocaching Is a modern day, worldwide treasure hunt Great activity for students in all grade levels A cache (usually a waterproof container) is hidden Clues are provided to locate the cache

Two Ways to Incorporate Geocaching Into the Classroom: 

Two Ways to Incorporate Geocaching Into the Classroom GPS Device Handheld devices that range in price starting at $100 Enter coordinates to find the cache Travel Bugs Tracking device that’s attached to an item Pricing starts at $5.99 Track your item

Step On How To Go Geocaching: 

Step On How To Go Geocaching Obtain a GPS receiver (borrow, purchase or rent) Create an account or Search for a cache that is near your school Choose a cache that interests you and your students Record hints and clues that will be helpful in your hunt Enter latitude and longitude coordinates into your device from the website

Steps On How To Go Geocaching: 

Steps On How To Go Geocaching Bring something you want to trade at the cache Use the unit’s navigational feature to create an arrow pointing you toward the direction Move toward the cache Open the cache You can add your item to the cache or just look at the contents Find the logbook; enter date, time, username, and a message about your journey

After You Find the Cache: 

After You Find the Cache Hide the cache exactly the way you found it Log on to your caching website Log your visit to record you found the cache

Word of Caution: 

Word of Caution It is important to think of what involvement students play in this role If you are going off campus make sure to follow your school district's procedures

Steps On How To Use Travelbugs: 

Steps On How To Use Travelbugs Purchase a travel bug groundspeak Activate your travel bug Attach your travel bug to an item Report your cache listing The item is carried from cache to cache in the real world Track your travel bug online

Steps On How To Use Travelbugs: 

Steps On How To Use Travelbugs As a class, you can set goals for your travelbug Pick a city or state for the travel bug to travel to You can set new goals when the 1st one is achieved

Steps On How To Use Travelbugs: 

Steps On How To Use Travelbugs This activity is a high tech version of sending the stuffed animal places activity so many of us know. Each time a travel bug is moved it should be logged on the site Students can monitor where the travel bug goes

Ending Notes: 

Ending Notes Geocaching is a great interactive activity that allows students to explore technology integration


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