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The Book Thief

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By: Markus Zusak

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2006 Best selling novel 2007 Honor award New York Times bestseller USA Today bestseller

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Its just a small story really, about, among other things:

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A girl Some words An accordionist Some fanatical Germans A Jewish fist fighter And quite a lot of thievery

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It is 1939 It is World War II It is the Holocaust

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It all began when Liesel Meminger picked up “The Gravediggers Handbook” by her brothers grave…

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From there, the 9 year old girls love affair with books began…

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Liesel moves in with the Hubbermans, her new foster parents, and soon become best friends with their neighbor Rudy Steiner…

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Soon Liesel and Rudy are stealing books from the Mayors library and the Nazis burning book pile in the town of Molching …

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As the war continues, the Hubbermans hide a Jewish boy named Max in their basement who reads and makes books for Liesel …

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Will Max be safe from the Nazis? And will the Hubbermans be caught for hiding a Jew?

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Danger comes by 1943. Sirens start for the allied bombs and the Hubbermans go into shelter where Liesel comforts the people by reading her books.

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But on day… The sirens came to late.

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Is Liesel safe?

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Is anyone safe?

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Summer reading project done by Datta Nori.

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