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Presentation for Women's and Leisure class


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Weightlifting For Girls, Not Just For The Boys By Danielle McCleary:

Weightlifting For Girls, Not Just For The Boys By Danielle McCleary

Weightlifting Defined:

Weightlifting Defined Sport in which barbells are lifted competitively or as an exercise Outline of Presentation History Benefits of Weightlifting Women and Weightlifting Issues/Myths surrounding women and weightlifting My feelings before My weightlifting experience And after

Weightlifting “His” story:

Weightlifting “His” story Men have always tried to prove their strength Chinese soldiers had to pass weightlifting tests Ancient Greeks lifted heavy stones Inherited by Ancient Romans (Women shown lifting weights) First modern Olympic Games 1896, regular event since 1920 Stone dumbbells called halteres were used as lifting weights

Benefits Of Weightlifting:

Benefits Of Weightlifting Health For Women: Breast Cancer and Premenstrual Syndrome Strength Flexibility Likelihood of Injury Body Composition Muscle Tone State of Mind

Women’s Weightlifting Our Herstory:

Women’s Weightlifting Our Herstory Ivy Russell Pioneer of weightlifting for women Miss Universe Bodybuilding contest, 1965 World Powerlifting, 1980 IWF Championships, 1987 Olympic Appearance, 2000 Marilyn Monroe Pumping Iron

Issues/Myths of Women And Weightlifting:

Issues/Myths of Women And Weightlifting Popularity Bodybuilding Olympic Weightlifting Powerlifting Myths Not strong enough Gives women bulky muscles Make girls infertile

Why I chose weightlifting?:

Why I chose weightlifting? Told I couldn’t being a girl Didn’t notice many women participating Something other than basketball, football, baseball

Experience Lifting:

Experience Lifting Lifting 30 Lifting 40

Still Lifting…:

Still Lifting… Lifting 50 Looking at 60 Lifting 60 That’s enough

Feelings After Experience:

Feelings After Experience Weak (lack of confidence) Limit myself (constraints) Willing to try again

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