d.light Offers Pioneering, Cost-Effective Solar-Powered Solutions

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d.light offers superior solar-powered solutions that give off-grid communities a reliable source of electricity. Our indoor solar lights can be charged during the day and brighten the nights of people in over 60 countries. For additional information, visit www.dlight.com/solar-lighting-products/


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d.light Offers Pioneering Cost-Effective Solar-Powered Solutions d.light is a global leader in providing off-grid communities worldwide with affordable reliable solar-powered solutions. The company’s solar powered lanterns and other products have helped people in over 60 countries lead healthier more productive and more profitable lives. d.light was founded in 2006 by Sam Goldman and Ned Tozun who met while attending the Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability class at Stanford University. Two years earlier Mr. Goldman was volunteering for the Peace Corps in Africa and saw a teenager get severely burned in a kerosene accident. The incident helped inspire Mr. Goldman and Mr. Tozun to develop a plan to provide people around the globe with access to safe clean lighting and power. d.light’s available products include:

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 The A2 Solar Lantern: This versatile portable solar lantern provides light for more than 4 hours when fully charged. It weighs only 80 grams provides three times the brightness of a kerosene lamp and has an integrated solar panel for convenient charging.  The S3: This sturdy lightweight cost-effectivedevice allows children to study and do their homework in the evening.It gives users four times the brightness of kerosene light and has a metal handle that can serve as a stand. The d.light S3 solar lantern is built to last for at least five years.  The S30: This lantern is designed to provide light for an entire family. Its conical shape allows light to shine into every corner of a room. When fully charged it can provide 3-12 hours of light.  The S500: This solar powered lantern can provide light to a shop or home. It also has a USB port that allows users to charge their mobile device.  The D330: This personal power grid is excellent for both homes and businesses. It includes a solar panel two light bulbs a tube light and a battery back for charging mobile devices. The D330 can run for 24 hours on its low setting and 6 hours on high. d.light’s solar powered lights meet Lighting Global quality standards and have country certifications for East and West Africa. For additional information visit http://www.dlight.com/

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