Komodo Liveaboard Diving – An Unforgettable Experience


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This write-up walks you through the amazing Komodo Island and makes you aware of the diving opportunities it presents for diving fanatics across the world. It also lays emphasis on the importance of komodo liveaboard diving that is a must have experience once you are at Komodo Island.


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Komodo Liveaboard Diving – An Unforgettable Experience Stretched along the shores of Indonesia Komodo Island is an epitome of sheer beauty and paradisiac environment. The

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island is particularly named after the Komodo lizards that form a habitat on this earthly heaven. Komodo proudly boasts of harboring over 1000 species of fishes making it one of the most diverse coral environments in the world. It is considered to be a mecca for marine life enthusiasts who witness some incredible ocean life here. Diving Paradise

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Diving enthusiasts find Komodo Island practically a heaven on earth. This island offers some of the most incredible diving destinations that are rarely found in other locations of the world. Divers get to experience the most amazing marine life that breaths beneath the ocean at the most isolated diving spots. An array of rare species of fishes and other sea creatures can be witnessed that are within your sight. Komodo Island is especially known for its exotic night dives that present the ocean life in a whole new dimension.

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Liveaboard Prospects in Komodo Island Komodo liveaboard diving is probably the best way of extracting maximum pleasure out of your diving spree. There are plenty of liveaboard services that are reliable and take you through some of the most secluded diving spots in and around the

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island. These liveaboards present you with endless diving opportunities while you traverse along the ocean soaking up every ounce of the serene beauty around you. Komodo Liveaboard diving lends imparts an amazing degree of agility. These liveaboards assist you in fast transfers along the beaches and diving sites. Usually Komodo Liveaboard diving excursions last to a stretch of multiple days making diving an easy and hassle free experience. In addition to this while onboard a liveaboard vessel you get to savor some of the most authentic and exotic sea food that is definitely something especially if you are a foodie.

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Komodo liveaboard diving also gives you an upper-hand in experiencing early morning dives that are a must have experience for every diver around the world. These dives take you through the mysterious and dark under water life. Although in Komodo Island people do have an option of land based diving services but liveaboards are the only means of getting to some of the most inaccessible diving destinations spread across the Komodo Island. Komodo liveaboard diving is all about charting unknown territories and making way for some adventurous pleasure. No idea of vacationing is better than diving through the depths of ocean while aboard a liveaboard vessel.

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