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Nano Of Tata Motors By DEEPAK JADHAV WRO 0281115 Tata Motors Limited 1 More dreams per car

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CERTIFICATE This is to certify that MR. Deepak Babanrao Jadhav (WRO 0281115) has successfully completed 100 hours ITT Programmed & Prepared project On “Nano Of Tata Motors” CA. M. Y. Sarode (chairman) CA . Brijesh Surana ( ITT In-charge )

Company Profile : 

Company Profile Tata Motors Limited 3 Headquarters - Mumbai. TML is currently headed by Ratan Tata. Tata Motors manufactures HCV, LCV, Passenger cars, MUV and Military Vehicles. Global operations - UK, South Korea, Thailand and Spain. TML - world's fourth largest truck manufacturer. world’s second largest bus manufacturer.

History : 

History Tata Motors Limited 4 Tata Motors Limited is a part of Tata Group. Founder - Jamshedji Tata (TELCO). The company was established in 1945 as a locomotive manufacturing unit. It tied-up with Daimler-Benz and entered Commercial vehicle segment in 1954. In 1992, it entered Small vehicle segment.

Product Profile : 

Product Profile Tata Motors Limited 5 Passenger Cars & Utility vehicles Tata Sumo/Spacio Tata Safari Tata Indica Tata Indigo Tata Winger Tata Magic Tata Nano Tata Xenon XT Tata Xover (2009) Tata Manza (2009) Commercial Vehicles Tata Ace Tata Starbus Tata Globus Tata Marcopolo Bus Tata Novus Tata 407 EX Military Vehicles Tata LSV Tata 407 Troop Carrier Tata Winger Passenger Mini Bus

Joint Ventures & Acquisitions : 

Joint Ventures & Acquisitions Tata Motors Limited 7 In 2004, the acquisition of Daewoo Commercial Vehicle of South Korea. In 2005, Hispano Carrocera – Spanish bus manufacturing company. In 2006, TML has formed 51:49 Joint Venture with Marcopolo, Brazil-based global leader in bus body building. In 2007, TML also formed a joint venture with Fiat. In 2008, the acquisition of British Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) business.

Milestones : 

Milestones Tata Motors Limited 8 Indica - India’s first fully indigenous passenger car. Sierra - India’s first sports utility vehicle launched in 1992. Tata Motors acquires Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company in 2004. Tata Motors gets listed on the NYSE in 2004. Acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008. Tata Motors launches ‘Nano’ - The People's Car in 2009.

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9 VISSION Ratan Tata explains his vision: "I observed families riding on two-wheelers – the father driving the scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby. It led me to wonder whether one could conceive of a safe, affordable, all-weather form of transport for such a family. We are happy to present the People’s Car to India and we hope it brings the joy, pride and utility of owning a car to many families who need personal mobility Tata Motors Limited

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10 HISTORY Seeing an opportunity in the great number of Indian families with two-wheeled rather than four-wheeled vehicles, Tata Motors began development of an affordable car in 2003. The purchase price of this no frills auto was brought down by dispensing with most nonessential features, reducing the amount of steel used in its construction, and relying on low-cost Indian labor. The introduction of the Nano received much media attention due to its low price. The Nano's development was foreshadowed by the 2005 success of the affordable Tata Motors Limited

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11 Girish Wagh, Tata’s Nano head design team Girish Wagh, the brain behind the Nano says that the length of the car is 8% smaller than the smallest car available in the market. Tata’s Nano is going to “put India on wheels” what Ford’s Model T did for America nearly a century ago in 1907 Tata Motors Limited

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12 Nano Receives Design Award The Tata nano has received the world’s oldest & most coveted Good Design Award for 2010, which is conferred annually by the Chicago Athenaeum : Museum of the Architecture & Design together with The European Centre For Architecture Art Design & Urban Studies. The Award for the Tata Nano has come in the category of transportation Tata Motors Limited

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13 Awards For “NANO” 2010 Business Standard Motoring Indian car of the year 2010 Bloomberg UTV-Autocar car of the year 2010 Edison Awards, first place in the transportation category 2010 Good Design Awards, in the category of transportation Tata Motors Limited

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14 TECH SPACE Length: 3.1 mWidth: 1.5 mHeight: 1.6 mTo seat: 4Engine: 643cc, 2-cylinder, all-aluminumPower: 33 BHPPosition: Engine, battery at rear endBoot: In frontFuel: PetrolFuel injection: MPFIFuel consumption: 20 kmplAC: Only in deluxe versionMusic system: NoPassenger side mirror: NoPower steering: NoABS/airbags: NoPrice: Rs.100000 at dealer + VAT + transport cost The Nano is disruptive tech - make no mistake Tata Motors Limited

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15 Cost cutting features The Nano's design implements many cost-reducing innovations. The Nano's trunk is only accessible from inside the car, as the rear hatch does not open. One windscreen wiper instead of the usual pair No power steering, unnecessary due to its light weight Three lug nuts on the wheels instead of the usual four Only one wing mirror No radio or CD player No air conditioning No airbags 623cc engine has only 2 cylinders Tata Motors Limited

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16 Indian Used car Market The Nano is thought to have affected the used car market in India, as many Indians may opt to buy a Nano rather than a used vehicle. The new-car market is also being affected. Sales of new Maruti 800s, the second-cheapest car in India, dropped by 20% and used models by 30% immediately prior to the Nano's introduction Tata Motors Limited

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17 Issues with Nano Singur Plant Controversy Nano Catching Fire Long waiting list Tata Motors Limited

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18 Environmental Impact In India, a car like this can crowd the streets, forcing the government to improve infrastructure - and as the evolution of the western industrial society demonstrates, affordable cars can be major for change. But till that happens, this is a car that can seriously crowd the streets & make life a bit tougher in short-term. Tata Motors Limited

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19 After Nano Effect Tata Motors Limited

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20 After Nano Effect Tata Motors Limited

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21 ." Tata knew who his customer was from the very beginning. He set a clear goal with emotional appeal—similar, in many ways, to JFK’s “man on the moon” mission. Tata Motors Limited

Awards : 

Awards Tata Motors Limited 22 India's Most Trusted Car Brand. 'Golden Peacock Environment Management Award' in 2003. Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2005 - Tata Motors ranked at 1215. Tata Motors bagged the prestigious 'CII-EXIM Bank Award' for business excellence in 2005. Tata Motors bagged National Award for Excellence in Cost Management in 2006. Tata Motors - Investor Relations, ranked first in India in 2008.

SWOT-Analysis : 

SWOT-Analysis Tata Motors Limited 23

Challenges : 

Challenges Tata Motors Limited 24 Tata Motors relies heavily on its sales in India. Tata Motors now faces stiff competition from fellow compatriots like Mahindra, Maruti as well as multinational brands like Toyota and Chevrolet. It has faced controversy over developing the ‘Nano’. Ashok Leyland, Tata's biggest competitor in the Indian heavy commercial vehicle market.

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Tata Motors Limited 25 Tata Motors has consolidated revenue of USD 14 billion (Rs 70,938 cr) in 2008 - 09. Tata Motors introduced Indica as City Rover in UK but it was a failure. Tata Motors has unveiled the electric versions of passenger car Tata Indica and commercial vehicle Tata Ace to be launched in India in 2010. Market Share (Approximately) – Commercial Vehicles - 64% Passenger Vehicles - 13% Other Information

Conclusion : 

Tata Motors Limited 26 Tata Motors has been at the forefront of the Indian automobile industry's anti-pollution efforts by introducing cleaner engines. Therefore Tata Motors Limited is always committed to understanding customer needs. The name of TATA itself says it all – Trust Acceptability Transparency Accountability Conclusion

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Thank You Tata Motors Limited 28

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