Termites On The Rampage Make Your Home at Risk From A Termite Infestat

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Termites On The Rampage Make Your Home at Risk From A Termite Infestation

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There are over 350 species of termites in Australia, and about 2 dozen of them are ever ready to cause potential damage to wooden structures of Aussies. Formosan or subterranean termites are the most harmful and live in the soil in massive nests. Known for causing tremendous structural damage, subterranean termites feast persistently on the wood in homes and surrounding structures as well.

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Termite infestation is a big problem in Australia and it can be simply understood with the fact that every third Australian property is affected by termite infestation. About 180,000 Australian homes and buildings are facing threat from a variety of termite species.

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So, Aussies need to go for DIY termites baits and DIY termite control in order to detect the presence of termites in and out of their homes and get rid of them completely.

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Contact: DIY Termite Protection 39 Madeline St Mudgeeraba Queensland, 4213, Australia PH: 1300 929 246 Mail: info@bsmart.com.au

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