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Diya India Foundation is a social charitable foundation working for the welfare of the underprivileged people in the society. Each volunteer works whole heartedly for providing various facilities like education, health and life support to the less fortunate people.


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Diya Foundation:

Diya Foundation Diya India Foundation is a social charitable foundation working for the safety of the underprivileged people in the humanity. Each unpaid assistant works whole heartedly for given that various conveniences like education, health and life support to the less fortunate people. 

Gurukul - Education for Underprivileged Children:

Gurukul - Education for Underprivileged Children People suppose that education is an indispensable aspect for building a bright future of the country. So does Diva India Foundation . Through Chetan Vidya Mandir and Chetan Play Way (two schools running in Nihal Vihar ) this underpinning ensures that children are provided primary schooling and standard health check-ups. An opportunity to convert into a answerable citizen through superiority education is provided to everyone together with those who cannot afford it.

Non profit organization:

N on profit organization

Seva - Support to Old Age Home and Differently Able :

Seva - Support to Old Age Home and Differently Able With the altering lifestyle of our humanity, the elderly and in a different way abled are either neglected or not readily accepted. Thus, Diya India Foundation supports such people through their project- “ Seva ”. Through this they provide basic amenities as well as monetary support that are needed. Volunteers squander quality time in the old age homes to make the elderly feel loved and cared for as do they provide free allowance and tape recorders and other such resources to help the visually impaired in studying. Wheel chairs and calipers are also provided to those in need.

Samridhi - Adopting Villages & Skill Development Centres :

Samridhi - Adopting Villages & Skill Development Centres Diya India Foundation runs its Vocational Training Centre at Nihal Vihal . The centre has been preparation women in dress making, tailoring, bag making, and beautician and needlework courses for them to augment their skill and earn their occupation. We plan to broaden our perspective in skill development by preparing individuals for preliminary entry into employment and specialize occupation. Courses like ITES, retail and hospitality will be offered to compose the youth of the country self-sustainable. Diya NGO will also help them with assignment post preparation. Skill development of the working inhabitants is a priority. We have also comprehensive our help by providing them dissimilar platforms to not only showcase their talent but also sell it emphasizing on women empowerment.

Diya India Foundation:

Diya India Foundation

Udaan - Medical Facilities to Underprivileged Children :

Udaan - Medical Facilities to Underprivileged Children He mortality rate surrounded by children in India has forever been a point of anxiety. Diya India Foundation is underneath disadvantaged children (age group up to 14yrs) who suffer from unceasing diseases like cancer, heart ailments etc. We take care of absolute medical operating cost of underprivileged children by providing monetary support for the precious surgical procedures and the medicines obligatory for their full recovery, which they cannot afford. We have been able to save several adolescent lives till date. The joy of curing children who were affliction from various ailments keeps us going. This dignified program is one of the great success stories of Diya India Foundation . We would like to increase this inventiveness and save many more above suspicion young lives in the future.

Jeevan - Health is Wealth:

Jeevan - Health is Wealth Even after decades of autonomy, India is still under pressure to provide necessary health services to its people. Diya India Foundation continues to work towards to the basic healthcare of the underprivileged neighborhood. At Diya India Foundation, we are on a assignment to make certain that every celebrity has an admittance to healthcare particularly those who otherwise go unprocessed due to their economic circumstances. It is for this motivation that we deliberate our efforts in remote areas where most underprivileged and deprived people live. This undertaking has led us to focus and division the areas that lack proper healthcare conveniences due to which several people are compulsory to face the penalty of their health issues. Through Jeevan we try to do our bit to advance the situation of healthcare access. To back us up in this social inventiveness we are supported by a resourceful team of doctors who are well prepared with all medical conveniences. We also systematize regular wakefulness camps for AIDS, de-addiction drives, free health check-ups, and yoga camps at different locations.

Parivartan - Go Green :

Parivartan - Go Green We appreciate the significance of the surroundings to human continuation. Diya India Foundation under its Project Parivartan , has 'Go Green' as one of its objectives. 'Go Green' has been created to raise the consciousness on the surroundings hazards we are facing today. There are many ways we can save our earth and prevent it from being absolutely destroyed . Our earth has lost a massive ideal atmosphere for both animals and human to survive. This is a sarcastic situation where impressive must be done to alternate for all the damages. Diya’s ‘Go Green' is to ensure the earth will be a better place to live in future. Planting a tree is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to completely change the environment. There can never be enough numbers of trees on terrain.

Contact Details:

Contact Details Organization: Diya India Foundation Address: 506, Ansal Majestic Tower, G Block, Vikas Puri , New Delhi – 110018 Head Office:  011-47041898 Branch Office:  011-45110729 Website:

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