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POLLINATION What we are going to learn about today….. About the different parts of a flowering plant What Pollination is. How Flowers are Pollinated

A Flowering Plant: 

A Flowering Plant It is important for us to learn the parts of a flowering plant…do you know any already? Let’s make a list…


A labelled flower.

What do all the parts do??: 

What do all the parts do?? PETAL: These attract insects by being colourful and scented. SEPAL: These are at the base of the petals, this protects the petals before they open. A Flower also has MALE and FEMALE parts!


FEMALE MALE CARPEL Has three parts! The stigma which is sticky and collects pollen. The style which holds up the stigma The ovary which contains the ovules. STAMEN Has two parts. The Anther which produces the pollen. The Filament which holds the anther and allows it to move.

Label a real flower !: 

Label a real flower ! Can you see the male and female parts? Why are the petals bright blue? Where does the pollen get picked up? Where does the seed grow?

How do the seeds get there???: 

How do the seeds get there???


Bees are really important for pollination, why? How does the pollen stick onto the bee?


Once the flower has been pollinated, a seed then grows in the plant. Once the seed is big enough, they are then dispersed. Look at the seeds below, can you tell me how they are dispersed and why?

What happens next?: 

What happens next? Once the seeds are dispersed and the time is right, they will then GERMINATE. This is our next Scientific Topic! GERMINATION


YOUR WORK TODAY!! To draw and label the parts of a flower. To sort the jobs to the correct part of the plant. EXTENSION! To draw a cartoon strip of how a plant is pollination by a bee.

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