Temperature data logger

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Temperature data logger:

Temperature data logger

Introduction ::

Introduction : A data logger is a device that records measurements over time. This project has following features : Uses just one 8‐pin chip, so very compact size circuit. Temperature range: 0 to +125°C. Can store up to 254 measurements. Sampling interval options: 1 sec, 1 min, 10 min Reset feature to clear all previous measurements. Serial transfer of recorded measurements to a PC Three tactile switches for user inputs and a LED indicator .

Block diagram::

Block diagram:

Circuit diagram::

Circuit diagram:

Hardware ::

Hardware : COMPONENTS DESCRIPTION PIC12F683 8-pin micro controller with 256 bytes of internal EEPROM. DS 1820 Digital thermometer providing 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius measurements. MAX 232 Dual driver/receiver that includes capacitive voltage generator . RS 232 Interface that adds USB serial port by connecting to RS232 DB9 footprint . Tact switches To provide sampling time for the circuit


Software: Keiluvision – to burn the PIC micro controller HyperTerminal - to run the program

Applications ::

Applications : Environmental monitoring Mountaineers Temperature broadcasts Mining Monitor shipments Long distance shipment of pharmaceuticals Foods n beverages Some chemicals

Conclusion ::

Conclusion : Digital data loggers are very portable and record the actual times and temperatures. It has many merits like Cost Ease of use Accuracy Size, weight, mounting Software

Cost of the project ::

Cost of the project : Components Cost PIC12F683 250 DS1820 100 RS232 10 MAX 232 10 Other components (resistors+ diodes+ capacitors+ switches+ transistor+ connecting wires) 50

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