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Dividend Investor provides additional Dividend, Dividends, dividend stocks, high dividend yield stocks, dividend paying stocks , Stock Dividend data, information or screening tools, we encourage you to visit the website. http://www.dividendinvestor.com/


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CD's, Bonds and Money market accounts provide only 1 income stream -- the interest on your principal The maximum tax on interest income from CD's, Bonds and Money market accounts is up to 35% The maximum tax on Qualified Dividend Income is only 15% Well chosen qualified dividend paying stocks provide 3 simultaneous income streams -- the current dividend income, increasing future dividend income and the share price appreciation Investing in preferred stock helps in credit ratings, higher liquidity, and securities that are issued by fundamentally strong companies. Key points for Dividend investors Dividendinvestor.com

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Members are able to create custom screening selections Dividend screener Dividendinvestor.com

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Acclaim for dividend investor Dividendinvestor.com

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It’s always easy to reach us. We are committed to serving you the way you want - conveniently contact us by e-mail or by phone. CONTACT US Email : info@DividendInvestor.com Phone: (646) 233-3090

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