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We have listed below ⬇️ best 🏆 15 Project Management Tools & software of 2019 for you to take a best-informed decision in choosing one for your entity. ✓Trello ✓Asana ✓Basecamp ✓Bitrix24 ✓paymo ✓redbooth ✓Proofhub ✓Teamwork ✓And CO Of course, any task completion or project management becomes a lot simpler when the company has the right set of tools to execute, control, and manage all processes of project management. That’s the reason why all companies today swear by project management tools.


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 BLOGS Project Management Tools and Softwares: Key Features Pricing and Pros and Cons Project Management Tools and Sowares: Key Features Pricing and Pros and Cons Seven in every ten entrepreneurs believes that the biggest obstacle to their companys success is inadequate communication between the team members. Delegating tasks managing mega-projects and maintaining continuous collaboration with the team members are some of the most crucial responsibilities of a team leader. The same responsibilities can result in a ‘lost chance’ in the absence of proper communication with all team members and apt collaboration throughout the project. Of course any task completion or project management becomes a lot simpler when the company has the right set of tools to execute control and manage all processes of project management. That’s the reason why all companies today swear by project management tools. With the majority of companies adopting soware project management tools there has been an increasing demand for team collaboration tools. But with over a  hundred project management tools available at a swipe of a nger the selection of the right management tool can be a daunting experience. These tools are available with dierent features unique functionalities and distinct pricing-which can all be very confusing if you don’t know what will t your business needs. To simplify the selection we have made an unbiased comparison of the een best project management tools and soware. Follow this aicle learn about the exclusive features of each tool and make your decision aer going over the pros and cons weve listed below:   12 Apr 2019 Md Mohsin Ansari   Best Project Management Tools 1. Trello 2. Asana

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1. Trello   Trello is hands down one of the most popular task management tools with features that promise to boost your companys productivity make task assigning project tracking and management more straighorward than ever.   Why Trello is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019:   • Trello is best for project management as it allows the user to create a board add steps in the work ow assign the task invite the team and track the work progress on the same card. 3. Basecamp 4. Bitrix24 5. Wrike 6. Redbooth 7. ProofHub 8. Podio 9. Paymo 10. Agany 11. And CO 12. Teamwork 13. Freedcamp 14. Flow 15. Clubhouse

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• The user can dive into detail through adding aachments checklists sharing les and project due dates to each card-all of which make collaboration very easy. • Integration with slack Dropbox Evernote Google Drive and other productivity applications • Irrespective of where you go the tool stays synced across your devices. • Trello has Business and Enterprise plan both priced at 9.99 and 20.83 per user monthly. • Business and Enterprise plan have per-le aachment limit of 250MB. Trello Pros   • Unlimited team boards • Unlimited scheduled commands • Custom stickers and background • 2-Factor authentication • Easy Data Expo   Trello Cons   • No Gan Cha • Tasks get limited to only one board • It’s available only on iPhone and Android   Rating: 4.5/5   2. Asana

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This work management tool can scale your business tasks to a new level of productivity and e ciency. The plaorm is designed in a way a user can easily follow the assignments and project through each stage eliminate roadblocks and structure project as required.   Why Asana is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • Task assigning and organization is way more straighorward with Asana as it allows users to set goals and create milestones. • One can assign tasks and share details with team members. • Allows creation of visual projects pinpoint risks and implement changes. • Premium and Business plan are priced at 9.99 and 19.99 per user monthly. Asana Pros: • Task and list view • Due dates and Assignees • Calendar and board view • Advanced search and milestone repoing • Private projects and teams Asana Cons: • UI delays • No-time tracking • No multi-member tasks   Rating: 4.5/5   3. Basecamp

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This tool covers all aspects of business management. It makes communication with the internal and external team easy and allows project management on the board. Its great for managing small and mid-size projects because of multiple collaboration tools which help the job get done.   Why Basecamp is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • The tool has a very simple UI and the suppo is excellent.   • The set up to manage the task repo to clients and seek an update from team members is as smooth as it can be. • The Automatic check-in feature allows the team leader to keep track of tasks under progress. • The tool allows 500 GB of le storage with unlimited projects and users. • Basecamp has a one-for-all plan of 99 per month per enterprise. This is irrespective of the total number of people working in the company.   Basecamp Pros: • Centralized feedback and discussion • Automatically progress summary • To-dos • One-for-all plan of 99 per month   Basecamp Pros:   • Too much simplicity • No tags • No repoing and time tracking • Cluered organization of aachments   Rating: 4/5   4. Bitrix24

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Bitrix24 oers state-of-the-a team communication with exclusive project and task management. With this online project management tool the companies have the freedom to manage clients assign tasks track project milestone and enjoy secured internal communication.   Why Bitrix24 is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019:   • It has the majority of collaboration and communication features like the social intranet user groups document management chat and video and email integration. • Bitrix24 has an exclusive HR management system. • Customizable Kanban board is available for project tracking • It’s a poweul CRM tool with features like lead and pipeline management and sales automation • Online storage limits up to 50 GB and 100 GB in CRM+ and standard plan. • CRM+ and standard plan are priced at 69 and 199 for all users of a company monthly.   Bitrix24 Pros: • Gan Chas • Task Dependencies Project workgroups • Multichannel customer helpdesk • Automatic time tracking Task templates   Bitrix24 Cons: • A bit complicated to use because of extensive features • Lacks ne-tuning conguration

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Rating: 4.8/5   5. Wrike This leading project management tool has features that simplify work ow streamline project tracking increase the productivity of team members through centralized collaboration. It lets you create collaborate plan customize and plan everything that needs your team members to be on the same page.   Why Wrike is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019:   • The tools allow a project plan to turn into a robust strategy and a schedule into a streamlined work ow. • Wrike has advanced project management features that align your team and to set priorities and work faster. • The app allows easy integration with Google Salesforce Github JIRA Gmail Microso One Drive and Adobe Creative Cloud. • The business plan allows storage space up to 50 GB and 15 GB monthly video upload limit. • The professional and business features can be availed at 9.80 and 24.80 per user monthly. • Wrike has advanced add-on features like Wrike Extension Wrike Proof Wrike Resource and Wrike Lock. Wrike Pros: • Shareable dashboards   • Subtask Management • Gan Cha and Graphical analysis • Calendars and Time Tracking • Real-time scheduled notication and shared repos

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p • Advanced Integration Wrike Cons: • Di cult breaking-up of tasks • Cluered inteace   Rating: 4.6/5   6. Redbooth This management tool facilitates le organization with ensuring smooth communication between team members. The best thing is easy accessibility and navigation which allows users to check edit and update ongoing tasks.   Why Redbooth is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • It has an interactive dashboard with all necessary details • One can create tasks make comments add les edit due date and manage the task as needed. • Managers can catch a glimpse of who’s doing what. • All les are centrally located. • Integration with Box Slack Dropbox Google Drive Zapier and Zendesk. • Pro and Business plans are priced at 9 and 15 per user monthly. • The business plan has a storage limit of 50 GB but with the Enterprise plan it can be exceeded up to 500 GB. Redbooth Pros    

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• Unlimited Workspace • Resource Management • Time Tracking • Success Manager • Advanced Subtasks Redbooth Cons: • No advanced feature for task management • No recurring task • Non-customizable workspace   Rating: 4/5   7 . ProofHub ProofHub is an all-in-one task management tool compact with numerous contemporary features that can address your business necessities in real-time. The unied business tool has features that can speed up your workplace processes document review procedure generate repos simplify tasks through boards and work ows and give a visual timeline though Gan Chas.   Why ProofHub is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019:   • Proong White-labeling Custom roles Multilingual inteace Kanban boards Task management Gan chas Time tracking and le management are the elite feature. • Proo ub allows integration with Google Calendar Google Drive Box iCal Freshbooks Onedrive Evernote and Outlook applications.

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• The Ultimate control plan allows unlimited users unlimited projects and the storage capacity of 100 GB with all the core features. • The Essential and Ultimate Control Plan stas at 45 and 89 per month per team. • Users can opt for IP restriction to avoid unauthorized access to their accounts. • The suppoed plaorm includes windows and Android.   ProofHub Pros: • Advanced Search • Notes taking • Project Manager and Templates • Discussions and Chat • In-app Notications • API to connect with third-pay tools • File Versioning ProofHub Cons: • Not very user-friendly • Comparatively slow in uploading and downloading • Too many notications   Rating: 4.7/5   8. Podio

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This web-based task management soware is one of the best business collaboration tools which has numerous customizable options that facilitate project completion on time. Companies can add dierent workplaces depending on their work requirement and through these features team members can collaborate e ciently.   Why Podio is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • Podio assures streamlining your business tasks in a way everything is organized and there is no room for distraction and confusion • Structured task management where one can assign the work discuss the details aach les and add comments. • Seamless integration with GoToMeeting Dropbox Google Drive Email and Excel. • Podio frontend is developed on the API which makes integration of API operations simple. • Podio is free for a team of ve members. The primary and plans are priced at 9 and 14 per user monthly.   Podio Pros: • Feedback and review work ow with clients • Automated calculations and progress repoing • Insight to improve operational productivity • Compatible on iPhone and Android   Podio Cons: • No time tracking • Di cult inteace   Rating: 4.3/5   9. Paymo

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This is one of the best project management tools that allow your team members to work e ciently by geing them all on the same page. The key features include project planning task scheduling time tracking and project management.   Why Paymo is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019:   • Prime features of free version include Kanban and meta Kanban boards to-do-lists le sharing and community suppo. • For small businesses Paymo has features like advanced repoing integrations project templates and advanced task management. • Paymo suppos integration and API with primary social interaction and collaboration tools. • The small-o ce plan has a storage limit of 50 GB whereas the Business plan oers unlimited storage. • Small-o ce and Business plan can be availed at 9.56 and 15.16 per user monthly. Paymo Pros: • Invoice and Estimate features • API and Integration • Resource Scheduling Gan Chas • Online Remote Assistance Paymo Cons: • Di cult to navigate • Di cult to learn for beginners   Rating: 4.2/5   10. Agany

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With Agany you can manage and organize project teams and task through Gna Cha and Graphical representation. Y ou can monitor and administer numerous tasks and teams through a single account and look up to an organized dashboard.   Why Agany is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • With Agany you can create as many projects as you want and drag them to Gna cha view for visual tracking of the project process. • The task can be grouped very easily and multiple members can be invited to assign pa and access rights. • The tool guarantees a high level of data protection and encrypted le transfer • This is the only free tool with premium features.   Agany Pros: • Project creation • Task assigning • Inviting paners and friends • Teamwork • Drag and Drop • Task progress tracking • Available for free Agany Cons: • Di cult breaking-up of tasks • No API • No Integration • No Speed Optimization   Rating: 4 4/5

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Rating: 4.4/5   11. And CO And Co from Fiverr is one of the high rated tools that a great many features. Not only does this soware has invoicing proposal and contract features but it works more like a project management tool with features that help users manage on-going tasks and completing the project within the due date.   Why AND CO is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • It is an excellent tool for freelancers who work on Plaorms like Fiverr and require to keep track of their on-going projects. • Task management is made easy with features like proposal and contract payment and invoicing expense tracking and time tracking and repo generation. • There’s a free plan that allows one active user and the paid plan stas at 18 per user monthly. • Integration with Asana Google Docs Slack MailChimp and Dropbox.   AND CO pros: • Customizable invoice • Set recurring tasks • Time-sheet sharing • Multi-device syncing and tracking • Contact management and time-tracking   AND CO cons:

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• No Gan Cha • Very Limited Integration Rating: 4.3/5   12. Teamwork Teamwork has an appealing and eye-catching design which is similar to Trello and Basecamp. Apa from the sharable notes direct messaging tagging invoice generation some features let you create milestones for ongoing projects and assign tasks through email.   Why Teamwork is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • Gan chas repos time tracking and subtasks repoing are the key features. • The tool facilitates integration with email iCal Google Calendar and Microso Outlook. • The tool allows excellent document management with Dropbox SVN FTP and Google Drive. • It is compatible with iPhone Window phones and Android phones. • There are pro and premium packages priced at 9 and 15 per user monthly. • With premium package le space of 250 GB is available and with Enterprise plan the limit exceeds up to 500 GB.   Teamwork Pros: • Helpdesk for improved customer care • Team communication soware

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• Documentation management • Automated marketing work ows   Teamwork Cons: • Inability to impo tasks of large size • Comparatively slow and time-consuming Rating: 4.2/5     13. Freedcamp Get all your business needs at one place with Freedcamp as this is one of those tools that simplify business organization at an advanced level. Not only does this tool boasts of task lists Kanban boards Gan Cha but it also has all other features you need to accomplish your business goals on time.   Why Freedcamp is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • Key Features include drag-and-drop tool task and subtasks management personal and private tasking. • Task Management features include calendar milestone seing discussion board documentation social communication time management and issue tracking. • Suppoed Plaorms are the App Store and Google Play Store. • There are three packages titled Minimalist Freelancer and Business package each priced at 1.49 3.49 and 7.49 per active user monthly and billed annually.   Freedcamp Pros:

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• Invoice Generation for clients • Project Templates • CRM solution • Task Board and Widget Board • Backups • White Label   Freedcamp Cons: • No repoing features • No time tracking • No Gan Cha Rating: 4/5   14. Flow   This is a visual task management app whose main functionality is to provide high-level project transparency to the team members. The tool covers all workplace task that involves delegating responsibilities scheduling timeline for the work that needs to be done and keeping track of progress made.   Why Flow is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • Key Features include project planning priority seing task tracking.

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ey eatu es c ude p oject p a g p o ty se g tas t ac g. • Kanban boards for simple checklists. • Project dashboard for project tracking. • Visual mapping of deadlines and task progress. • Easy management of resources and workload balancing. • Basic Flow plan is available at 4.79 and the pro plan stas at 7.099 per user monthly.   Flow Pros: • Team Collaboration • Resource management • Project tracking • Catch-up feature • All Integrations • Public API • Unlimited tasks and Projects Flow Cons: • No Gan Cha • Di cult to get used to Rating: 4.6/5   15. Clubhouse

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This is an easy-to-use tool specially designed for soware developing companies. The inteace is straighorward with no crammed features and just simple UI. What makes it great for Soware developers is the predictive analytics real-time project management and tracking.   Why Clubhouse is suited as the best Project management soware tools of 2019: • Anyone can create a project add tasks assign roles set milestones and track the progress. • Team members can re ect on daily chores through Kanban boards while focusing on the big picture. • For teams up to ten members the monthly plan of 8.33 is available. • For teams up to ten members a monthly plan of 8.50 per user is available. • One can cha the project update and generate a progress repo.   Clubhouse Pros: • API access • Unlimited workspaces • App integration • Dedicated account management Clubhouse Cons: • No innovative feature • No time tracking functionality Rating: 4.1/5 Summing Up: Companies trust in project management soware to ensure all tasks are done on time the project meets the deadline and the workload is balanced for standard time management. Since these tools ensure project success enhance the e ciency of resources and increase organizational productivity they are becoming an integral pa of the majority of small mid-size and larger enterprises. Not only do these tools help with project estimation tracking and planning but they also have collaboration features that make task assignment and resource scheduling very simple. Though weve sholisted best of the project management tools the nal selection of one app can still be overwhelming. If we were to pick the most promising tools out of all these wed vote for Bitrix24. This tool has got all the features that you need to kick-sta your team’s collaboration for business projects. Y ou can also go for ProofHub. With these tools the only area where you’ll have to compromise with is its pricing. These may t the requirements of large enterprises but given its expensive packages it makes for a costly choice for small businesses.

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