Editing New Mail Message Alerts in Outlook

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Editing New Mail Message Alerts in Outlook Hotmail is an interesting platform that caters amazing application for enhanced mail exchange. Hotmail is unique and different from other existing mail network because it only focuses on mail oriented applications for users. It is used widely since last many years. Hotmail ensures to bring in enhanced experiences for users because it is a user friendly platform which is quite easy to use but in case of any issues users can contact Hotmail customer service number for easy help. Microsoft Outlook is surely user’s platform because it cares for its users. It loves to notify users about every new mail message that they receive in their outlook inbox. This will help them stay informed. When you

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enable the notification feature of outlook you will not miss any important mail that you receive in outlook. How outlook notify about new email When you a new mail in outlook it will notify you using a sounds. This also includes an on-screen pop- ups. This will be displayed as a tray in your desktop. With this you will be reminded of every new email that has arrived. Can I customize notification in outlook This is normal way with which hotmail inform you about every new mail you receive in inbox but as hotmail provide customised options you can change this settings.

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You can use none option to stop receiving this notification or can change some settings to receive notification as your wish as long as you know where to look. With hotmail it is possible to edit the duration of the notifications. After this the notifcation will appear in the corner of your screen only for the time you wish it to appear. You can also change the way it look. How to change notification setting in outlook You can decide that how hotmail will notify you of your new mail messages. Here are steps that you need to follow to edit new message alerts in Outlook: 1. Get to hotmail. 2. Now click on file. 3. Here select options. 4. And then select Mail.

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5. Now check or uncheck the boxes appearing under Message Arrival option 6. Now click Desktop Alert Settings. 7. Here you need to set your cursor so as to change the options of messages. 8. Now adjust the preview duration and looks 9. Click OK. 10. Click OK again to confirm 11. if you need help contact Hotmail support number.

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