10 Intermittent Catheters You Need to Know

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Finding the right catheter takes a lot of trial and error. Here are 10 of the most popular options to help you narrow it down.


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10 Intermittent Catheters You Need to Know From At Home Medical

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Non-Lubricated Intermittent Catheters These kinds of catheters are made from a variety of materials. When selecting from these catheters look at the materials and kinds of tips to find the one that’s best for you.

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Cure Medical Intermittent Catheter Male Female • DEHP BPA Free • Fire-polished eyelets • 10 of Cure profits go to SCI and CNS research

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Hollister Apogee Essentials • Eyelet tips ease insertion • Feature a flexible funnel end which aids in maintaining a solid grip • Latex free and non-lubricated. Lubrication must be added before use

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Bard Clean Cath • Sterile single-use intermittent catheter with connector end • Catheter comes with and without a funnel end • Round tip easy for insertion. It is 100 latex-free

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Rochester Medical Personal Catheter Male • 100 silicone • Weather-resistant • Catheter has a dual layered design for cushioned firmness • All-silicone design also eliminates allergen toxin or disposal concerns

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Coloplast-Mentor Self-Cath Straight Tip • Latex-free • Fire-polished eyelets • Siliconized surface for smooth insertion

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Unique Non-Lubricated Catheters These catheters have some unique features that may help address your particular concerns.

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Cure Medical Pocket Catheter • Fits discreetly in your pants pocket • Sterile single use catheters feature polished eyelets straight tips and funnel ends • 16" long and is DEHP and latex free

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Rochester Medical Magic3 Male Intermittent Catheter • Made of 3 silicone layers for comfort convenience • Each layer independently addresses an attribute required for comfortable easy and reliable • Eliminates exposure to potential risks associated with latex and PVC catheters

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Pre-Hydrated/Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters Pre-hydrated catheters are the latest trend in catheter innovation. They come with a slippery coating that makes them easier to insert and reduces pain and trauma to the urethra.

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Hollister VaPro Plus Pocket Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter • Allows for no-touch catheterization • Includes an integrated collection bag and is packed in a discreet package • Pre-hydrated and ready to use right from the packaging

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Coloplast SpeediCath Male Coloplast SpeediCath Female • Designed for simplicity • The worlds first ready-to-use hydrophilic-coated catheter • Pre-hydrated in a ready to use package • Uncoated Grip Zone area for total control in handling. LATEX-FREE and phyhalate/DEHP-free

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