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CLEANSING/DETOXIFYING Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing or transforming them, and clearing excess mucus and congestion. Many of these toxins come from our diet, drug use, and environmental exposure, both acute and Chronic. Internal fats, especially oxidized fats and cholesterol, free radicals, and other irritating molecules act as toxins. Functionally, poor digestion, colon sluggishness and dysfunction, reduced liver function, and poor elimination through the kidney, respiratory tract, and skin all add to increased toxicity. An important part of maintaining optimum health is eliminating toxins from your body. Dynapharm has very powerful supplements for this.

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Guarana and Chlorophyll combination is an excellent supplement for humans. This concoction is also known as 'Chlorophyll King'. Benefits of Guarana and Chlorophyll combination: Stroke Skin Allergy Diabetes Arthritis Constipation Fatigue Kidney Failure Insomnia High Cholesterol Typhoid High Blood Pressure Cholera Liquid Chlorophyll Plus Guarana Juice

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Important compounds: Polysaccharides - Increase antibody count that strengthens the immune system - Help in clearing viruses and toxins in the body Organic Germanium - Increase oxygen in the body that enhances metabolism and improves cell regeneration Triterpenoids (bitter compounds) - Reduce blood fat/lipid and blood sugar level - Normalise cholesterol level Functions of Gano: - Help internal organs to function normally - Improves blood circulation - Improves a weak constitution - Enhances the immune system - Improves cell quality Direction First week, 1 capsule daily. Following week, 2-4 capsules daily. GANODERMA RED MUSHROOM


YEE GANO CAPSULE HEALTH BENEFITS Helps Internal Organs to function normally Improves Blood Circulation Improves a weak body Constitution Enhances Immune System Improves cell quality


NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS Nutritional Supplements provide nutrients that are lacking in a person’s diet. Nutritional supplements consist a diverse group of products. Vitamins, minerals and herbs combined to deliver disease-fighting potential. Flavonoids, Carotenoids are pytochemicals, or natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables that are believed to lower the risk of disease and other problematic conditions. The nutrients are essential not only for normal health maintenance, but also for long term health improvement. So safeguard against diet Deficiencies by using Nutritional supplements such Spirulina.

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- A microscopic water plant, blue green algae - Containing over 100 nutrients - Nature's richest and most complete nutrition - 100% alkaline food - Important food for vegetarian people - It's nutrient is 95.1% bio-available Spirulina has been selected as essential food by NASA, USA. Professional coaches, fitness enthusiast, body builders and health conscious people commonly consume it. Spirulina can also be taken in high dosage. Direction 5-15 tablets daily. Children : 1/2 dose. Content - Protein Complete high biological protein, contain 8 essential amino acids and 10 nonessential amino acids - Beta Carotene 25 times richer than raw carrot, 100 times richer than papaya - GLA 3 times richer than Evening Primrose Oil - Vitamin E 3 times richer than raw wheat germ, 49% greater biological activity than synthetic vitamin E - Vitamin B12 Nature's richest whole food source of Vitamin B12, 2-6 times richer than raw beef liver - Antioxidants - Iron Nature's richest whole food source of organic iron, nontoxic, 58 times richer than raw spinach, 28 times richer than raw beef liver - Chlorophyll - Other mineral Calcium, zinc, manganese, copper, magnesium, potassium, selenium Spirulina Tablet & Powder


IMMUNE BOOSTER/ANTI AGING Through network of defenses, the immune system of our body is protected from a world full of harmful, invading organism. Specific nutritional food supplements and antioxidants play a key role in maintaining a strong immune defense. Over the past 20 years, antioxidants have been effectively developed into new therapies designed to slow the aging process.


PROLINK COLOSTRUM Nature’s Best Food source---Life’s first food!!!!! HEALTH BENEFITS Improves the symptoms of HIV/AIDS. Cancer Alzheimer’s disease Cartilage Skin Collagen

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Contents: Radix Codonopsis - Benefits the lung, nourish blood. Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae - Helps to invigorate the spleen and benefits vital energy. Radix Polygoni Multiflori - Invigorates the liver and kidney, benefits essence and blood especially for the deficiency of essence and blood manifested as baldness. Herba Cistanches - Invigorate the kidney and supplement essence especially for deficiency of kidney. Radix Astragali - Invigorate vital energy and spleen, invigorates vital energy to activate YANG. Fructus Amomi - Helps to eliminate dampness and promotes the circulation of vital energy. Semen Ziziphi Spinosae - Helps to nourish the heart, benefits the liver and tranquilizes the mind. Direction First week, half cup (15ml) each time Following weeks, one cup (30ml) each time. To be taken twice daily. Cortex Eucommiae - Invigorates the liver and kidney. Concha Ostreae - Helps kidney deficiency syndrome manifested as emission, enuresis, menorrhagia and spontaneous perspiration. Poria - Helps to tranquilize the mind. Semen Cuscutae - Helps to invigorate the kidney and supplement essence. Radix Polygalae - Helps to tranquilize the mind and eliminates phlegm Rhizoma Alismatis - Promotes diuresis to eliminate dampness retention syndrome. Dyna Tonic Radix Glycyrrhizae - Helps to invigorate vital energy, clearing heat and toxic. Radix Dioscoreae - Invigorates the kidney and preserves the essence.

YEE YANG YEN (Grape seed Extract):

YEE YANG YEN (Grape seed Extract ) HEALTH BENEFITS Strong antioxidant properties Ant mutagenic Improves the biochemical properties of blood vessels. Anti ageing Strengthens collagen to help improve the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin Heals wounds and diminishes scars. Reduces risk of cancer. Reduces excess blood sugar Prevents liver and kidney disease. And more…..

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The important compounds of Grape Seeds Leucoanthocyanins - Strong antioxidant properties. - Anti-enzymes - Anti-mutagenic - Improve the biochemical properties of blood vessels Function of Grape Seeds Prevent ageing and degenerative diseases caused by free radicals (Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Selenium + Beta Carotene) X 8 = Grape Seeds Extract Note: Grape Seeds have almost 8 times the antioxidant properties against free radicals than even Beta carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium. Direction 2 tablets each time, twice daily. YEE YANG YEN


MENTAL / PHYSICAL / SEXUAL HEALTH Nature provides nutrients that can play an important role in improved mental function and memory, higher levels of Energy, increased strength and endurance, reduced stress, improved sexual vitality, and better over-all health. Scientist have determined that specific nutrients in balanced quantities can create the results you crave for.


GINALI TONGKAT ALI AND GINKGO (Ginali) HEALTH BENEFITS An Energizer Aids in sexual disfunction Improves quality of sleep Control mood swing Helps weight control Relieves Rheumatism Can fight Asthma Prevents clogging of Artery. And more…..


DI SEA CUCUMBER HEALTH BENEFITS Hastens healing of wounds after childbirth, Circumcision and other post-operative procedures. Revitalizes the reproduction Organs. Serves as a Pain killer. Helps to heal bronchitis and reduce symptoms of sinusitis.

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- Remedy for women after giving birth, heals wounds and injuries and revitalize the reproductive system - Effective for males after circumcision, as pain killer and heals wounds - Helps to heal bronchitis, respiratory system and reduces symptoms of sinusitis - Reduces chronic constipation, calms the mind and reduces stress (anxiolytic effect) - Stimulates the skin and increase blood and lymph circulations, improves the structure and texture of the skin while helping to reduce the ageing process - Reduces muscle and joint pain, improve recovery of energy and prevents lethargy. Direction 1 tablespoon (10ml) to be taken orally twice a day dilute warm water. Sea Cucumber Jelly


MILK THISTLE ( NATURE’S LIVER PROTECTOR ) HEALTH BENEFITS Helps protect and strengthen the outer membranes of the liver cells, preventing penetration by liver damaging substances . And more…


TONKAT ALI 4 IN ONE COFFEE HEALTH BENEFITS Increase testosterone level by 480% Enhances male Libido Raise Energy levels. Improve blood Circulation

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Contains natural Ginkgo and Tongkat Ali extracts - Improves energy - Increases blood flow to the brain - Prevents blood clots Important compounds of Ginkgo Flavonoids (Ginkgo-flavone glycosides) - Increase blood flow to the brain - Active and powerful antioxidant Terpenoids - Prevent blood clots - Inhibit Platelet Activating Factor (PAF) activity Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) or commonly known as Malaysian Ginseng is effective in improving energy, reducing fatigue, preventing exhaustion and improving stamina. The latest research from University Malaya confirmed that Tongkat Ali increases sexual ability. Direction 2 capsules each time, twice a day. Tongkat Ali & Ginkgo Capsule


YEEGINKO HISTORY OF GINGKO Gingko is one of the worlds oldest surviving trees. Its longetivity is due to its resistance to disease and pollution, adaptability and unique biochemical properties.

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The important compounds of Ginkgo: - Flavonoids (Ginkgo-flavone glycosides) Increase blood flow to the brain Active and powerful antioxidant effect - Terpenoid Prevents blood clots Inhibit Platelet Activating Factor (PAF) activity Functions of Ginkgo - Opens up blocked and narrowed blood vessels - Improves memory and brain function - Normalise organs, tissue and cell functions - Thins the blood and improves blood circulation Direction 2 tablets each time, twice daily. Children 4-12 years old, half dosage. YEE GINKGO

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