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This here Is my girlfriend

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Not too many know this… But she happens to be the best girlfriend in the whole world.

Slide 3:

The problem is… …I hurt her

Slide 4:

I did a bad thing… I lied.

Slide 5:

The thing is, I want to make up for what I did

Slide 6:

Because… …this perfect one here is the light that wakes me up in the morning. She is in every breath I take, she is my heart and my soul, she is my everything. She is my windsoul , she is all my dreams, she makes me go on. She makes my heart race, she looks at me like no one else, she is the one I would give my life for. And did I mention she is perfect?

Slide 7:

She has always been there for me., she made my fears go away, she taught me that there is love for me in this world I cannot imagine a single moment without her.

Slide 8:

I know I’ve done wrong. I know u deserve better than me, and I am as sorry as one can be… But can you, maybe, for the sake of love, somehow forgive this clown that loves you above all else? <3<3<3<3

Slide 9:

Jer kad mi istekne vreme , ja hocu za sebe da dva tri minuta mislim na tebe … S tobom je svaki dan zlatni dan VOLIM TE OPROSTI MI

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