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Presentation On 3G Mobile Technology By: Rohit Malik

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What is 3G? 3G Standards and capabilities 3G mobile’s place in the market Summary Further information Structure of Presentation

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What is 3G Mobile?

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The IMT-2000 third generation mobile standard enables mobile users to harness the full power of the Internet through efficient high-speed radio transmission, optimized for multimedia communications. IMT – 2000: The Mobile Internet

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Evolution towards 3G

Bandwidth and Speed:

Bandwidth and Speed

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High-speed data transmissions Symmetrical and asymmetrical data transmission support Improved voice quality Greater capacity Multiple simultaneous services Global roaming across networks Improved security Service flexibility 3G Capabilities

The 3G Performance Advantage:

The 3G Performance Advantage Time to download a 1 MB file: • Fixed line modem: 3 minutes • GSM cell phone: 15 minutes • Enhanced GSM phone: 1-5 minutes • 3G phone (outdoor): 21 seconds • 3G phone (indoor): 4 seconds


3G Applications • Wireless Internet • Audio on demand • Electronic postcards • Video conferencing • Secure mobile commerce transactions • Traffic and traveling information - location specific


Market Drivers Towards 3G Rapid growth in text, WAP and other data traffic- up to 50% of total mobile traffic within 5 years Mobile & Internet penetration both growing rapidly Mobile penetration likely to exceed PCs & fixed Alliances forming between major mobile, IT and e-commerce players Mobile commerce and multimedia identified as key growth areas - but need bandwidth to deliver

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Types of mobile Internet connectivity • Global systems for mobile communication (GSM) • High speed circuit switched data (HSCSD) • General packet radio services (GPRS) • Third generation (3G) mobile • Enhanced data GSM environment (EDGE) • Public access WLAN • Linked public access WLANs

3G Summary :

3G Summary 3G mobile is a major opportunity for business, commerce and consumers Brings together the two fastest growing market sectors - Mobile and Internet Market, services and standards evolving from 2G to 3G Significant opportunities for value added content and service providers

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