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4G technology


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4G Fourth-Generation Cellular Communication System PREPARED BY :- S.DINESH KUMAR


INTRODUCTION 4G Fourth generation (4G) also Known as Next Generation Network (NGN ) High Speed Data Access High Quality Streaming video Combination of Wi-Fi and Wi-Max

What is 4G?:

What is 4G? Wireless Access Technology and is the successor of 3G Called “3g and beyond” Enables Seamless roaming between technologies

Why 4G?:

Why 4G? Due to Substantial growth in overall number of subscribers Due to massive demand of new services like Data Audio Image Video

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few countries have started the 4G commercially In the US, Japan,Norway,Sweden,Sprint Nextel initiated the service Countries expected to launch 4G by this year are Germany, Spain, China and England Which countries have 4G?


FEATURES 4G networks are all IP based heterogeneous networks Faster and more reliable Lower cost than previous generations Supports interactive multimedia services Global Mobility and service portability Entirely packet switched network

3G vs. 4G:

7 3G vs. 4G 3G: Back compatible to 2G. Circuit and packet switched networks. Combination of existing & evolved equipment. Data rate (up to 2Mbps). 4G: Extend 3G capacity. Entirely packet switched networks. All network elements are digital. Higher bandwidth (up to 100Mbps).


OBJECTIVES S ecurity architecture on the basis of following objectives: Performance Interoperability Bandwidth Convergence Cost Scalability

Technology used in 4G:

Technology used in 4G OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) UWB(Ultra Wide Band) Smart antennas IPV6


ADVANTAGES High Usability:anytime, anywhere and with any technology Support for Multimedia services at Low transmission Cost Higher bandwidth,tight network security


Disadavantages Hard to implement Needs Complicated hardware Battery usage is more


Applications Traffic Control Virtual Navigation Multimedia video services Telemedicine Tele geo processing


Conclusion Future wireless networks will need to support diverse IP multimedia applications to allow sharing of resources among multiple users. Projected 4G systems offer this promise of a standard that can be embraced worldwide through its key concept of integration.


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