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Positive Attitude & Pleasing Personality:

Positive Attitude & Pleasing Personality


contents Define positive attitude Behaviors that defines you What is pleasing personality Key factors for having a pleasing personality Benefits of positive attitude How to self change Positive attitude linked to leadership conclusion

What is a Pleasing Personality ? :

What is a Pleasing Personality ? Pleasing personality means those who come in contact with you are really pleased to meet you and would like to remain in your company it is very natural that every lining being wants to be loved, needed, wanted or missed when not present. With little effort on your part, you can transform yourself into a pleasing personality.


Hold your temper Helpful, kind & generous Thanks & Gratitude Good Listener Interest in others Cheerfulness How


Attitude Attitude is a mental position relative to a way of thinking . It is a way , you react or not react, is the way you look at things, is the way you view people all around you. 5% of your success in life depends on positive attitude.

Benefits of Positive Attitude:

Benefits of Positive Attitude Helps achieving goals and attain success Success achieved faster & more easily. More happiness More energy Ability to inspire & motivate yourself & others People respect you

Attitude Reflects Leadership:

Attitude Reflects Leadership Inspires people Reflects maturity Care & empathy Admiration Enthusiastic Motivating teams

How to Get Positive Attitude:

How to Get Positive Attitude Be open Be balanced Think right towards people Manage your anger Remove word impossible Winning Attitude Aim high Never give up Think solution not problem

Self Change:

Self Change Change 3 things


Attitude Change happens personally from the inside out Thinking Change comes from thinking logically in every situation Behavior Changes takes true assessment, determination, and discipline


conclusion Positive attitude and pleasing personality is all about the individual body language and the way he behaves and think on different situation.

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