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- Biotech Products I L U nd - stria - I nd U stria L

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Industrial products produced from biotechnology U nder S upervision O f Dr. Hussein Sabit By Doaa.M.Reda

What is Industrial Biotechnology?:

What is Industrial Biotechnology? Industrial or “White Biotechnology” is the application of biotechnology for the processing and production of chemicals , materials and energy . White biotechnology uses enzymes and micro-organisms to produce this products.

Application of Industrial Biotechnology:

Application of Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology can be used to…………..!!!:

Industrial Biotechnology can be used to…………..!!! Create new products. Modify and develop new industrial processes. Make the manufacturing industry more competitive. Reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Who is the Hero ??!!:

Who is the Hero ??!!

Fields :


Industrial Fields of production:

The chemical industry. The pharmaceutical industry. The food, drinks and feed industry. The based-biopolymer industry. The textile industry. The detergents industry. The starch industry. Industrial Fields of production

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Bio-based polymer Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Textile Industry Biofuel Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry :

Pharmaceutical Industry

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A ntibodies, peptides and proteins many of these are produced by culturing cells derived from micro-organisms, plants or animals. Antibiotics (a global market worth 20 billion) are made almost exclusively by fermentation using specially-selected microorganisms .

Bio-based polymers Industry:

Bio-based polymers Industry

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Bioplastic Bio papers

Textile Industry :

Textile I ndustry

Medical Textiles:

Medical Textiles Can be used for medical applications *Treatment of atopic dermatitis *Prevention and treatment of allergies * Radiation protection *Antibacterial protection *Soothing and anti-itching effect

Biofuels Industry :

Biofuels Industry

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Biofuel from alcohols “ Bioethanol ” Bioethanol can be produced from any type of biomass Biofuel from oils “ Biodiesel ” Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning alternative to petroleum diesel that can be produced from virtually any fat or vegetable .oil

Policies :

Policies Government policies to enhance cleanliness of industrial products and processes G overnment guidelines , standards, and government supported R&D can encourage or discourage – accelerate or delay – the use of those products .

Do you think Production can be done without Challenges ????!!!:

Do you think Production can be done without Challenges ????!!!

Challenges of industrial biotechnology:

Challenges of industrial biotechnology S ocio - E conomic Continued world population growth over the next half century . The changing of consumer behavior making purchasing decisions based on ethical, moral or environmental considerations. Poor raw materials supply. The demand for greater sustainability of those products. The greater demand of the bridge between industry and business . The need for greater innovation and efficiency .

Conclusion :


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P roud of being a biotechnologist 

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Thanks for being attention

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