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Dillon Kim restarted his career in 2006 when he decided to go back to school to learn a different skill. He was an HVAC repair specialist for 20 years in Santa Clara, California. After a long time working on heating units and air conditioners, he felt unfulfilled, so, at the urging of his wife Julie, a web advertising specialist, he went back to school and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is now a computer engineer based in Austin, Texas.


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Dillon Kim Computer Engineer in Austin, Texas Dillon Kim is an experienced and skilled computer engineer based in the rising technology hub of Austin, Texas. Kim studied at Santa Clara University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, which gave him the opportunity to gain experience designing programs and building computers. He moved to Austin to work with LocalDates, an online dating app just for people living near Austin.


Dillon Kim LocalDates Programmer Dillon Kim moved to Austin, Texas in 2010 to help a friend start LocalDates, an online dating service just for people living in and around Austin. The app runs much smoother and faster because it uses only local servers and designed to handle the entire population of Austin and the surrounding area at once, making it easier for singles to find each other and link up.


Dillon Kim Leadership Position at LocalDates Dillon Kim is one of the founding members of LocalDates, an app that matches singles with others living in the Austin, Texas area only. Kim is the head of programming and server repair, as well as a general leader for all employees of the company along with the LocalDates co-founder, Thomas Askins, a friend of Kim’s. Kim is married with three kids.Kim is focused on improving features of the mobile app and designing fixes for bugs and server crashes


Dillon Kim Computer Engineering Expert Dillon Kim is a computer engineering expert based in Austin, Texas, where he maintains a local server and helps introduce new features for the mobile dating app LocalDates, which is an online dating service for Austin, Texas residents. Kim is in charge of adding new information and features to the app, which provides users with suggestions for local meet-up spots and other information.


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