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Pentecostal Church in Dubai known as King's Revival Church INT'L Ministries. One of the biggest Church in Dubai listed among top 10 Churches in Dubai, UAE.


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url: potentialAction: object Object  Type: Organization  Properties: url: logo:  Type: Person  Properties: name: Dill Ministries International url: sameAs: object Object  Type: ItemList  Properties: itemListElement: object Object  Type: NewsArticle  Properties: mainEntityOfPage: object Object headline: One of the Leading Churches in Dubai image: object Object datePublished: 2015-02-05T08:00:00+08:00 dateModified: 2015-02-05T09:20:00+08:00 author: object Object publisher: object Object description: Miracle School for Healing and Wholeness teaches imparts and inspires many ministers in other churches to rise up and preach the Gospel with power for healing and miracles.Pastor V. Dill is a father to anyone and everyone in Christ Jesus. He oversees many churches at present and is widely viewed globally on 16 international television networks taking the gospel with instant signs wonders and miracles to the broken hearted wiping away their tears.Fathering and Pastoring an overflowing mega church in the Middle East Dubai with 3 Miracle Healing Rallies per week and 16 Miracle Life Services in Dubai.We tell everyone that this church/ ministry can always be called a “THANK YOU JESUS MINISTRY WITH AN ALWAYS “GRATITUDE TO OUR LOVING GOD.”  Type: Church  Properties: name: Dill Ministries International description: Our faithful Lord attests Pastor V. Dill’s ministry with instant signs wonders and miracles and mega multitudes in the parent church Dubai KRC Intl. and worldwide open air Miracle Moments Healing and Blessing Festivals in many nations.The blind see deaf hear lame walk dumb speak and many incredible healing and life saving testimonies by the power and mercy of God drawing millions of people to Christ Jesus our Saviour Luke 7:22 / Matthew 11:5- 6 / Hebrews 2:3-4.Miracle School for Healing and Wholeness teaches imparts and inspires many ministers in other churches to rise up and preach the Gospel with power for healing and miracles. aggregateRating: object Object  Type: VideoObject  Properties: name: King39s Revival Church International Dubai description: God Himself attests KRCI as one of the world39s largest incredibly powerful ministries today wiping the tears of mega multitudes as they receive life and life in abundance John 10:10 with greater works than these thumbnailUrl: object Object uploadDate: 2015-02-05T08:00:00+08:00 duration: PT0M47S contentUrl: time_continue2vgjD7__QwsOk embedUrl: Page 10

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