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Kerala, I did one month placement in KMHC...... Its a very nice place for effective psycho therapy throug various methods......


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would appreciatae copy

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KUSUMAGIRIMENTAL HEALTH CENTRE Dijo Augustine Roll No.112 II MSW Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

Vision : 

Vision To love and care for the mentally sick with the compassionate love of Jesus.

Mission : 

Mission To provide inexpensive wholesome mental health care to the less fortunate members of our society with Christian zeal and commitment.

About the centre : 

About the centre Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre ( KMHC) was founded in 1971 by the Congregation of Medical Sisters of St. Joseph, Dharmagiri, Kothamangalam. It is one of the pioneering institutions of mental health care in the non governmental voluntary sector in Kerala.

Slide 5: 

This is an open hospital where patients are admitted either voluntary or along with responsible relative. The treatment methods includes pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy, Behavior therapy, Psychosocial interventions and occupational therapy.

Out-patient Services : 

Out-patient Services Outpatient department is open on all days from 8 am to 4 pm except on sundays.The OP department renders services like Diagnosis and Treatment, Psychological assessment and scholastic assessment.

In- patient services : 

In- patient services Patients are admitted with the responsible relative or guardian. A bystander or responsibly an immediate relative will have to stay with the patient throughout his/her stay in hospital. Psychological management, individual therapy, marital therapy, behavior modification & Occupational therapy are provided in the department.

Navajyothi Child Psychiatry Centre : 

Navajyothi Child Psychiatry Centre KMHC’s Navajyothi Child psychiatry centre, an exclusive set-up for children, started its functioning in 1995. It provides treatment for childhood mental disorders and development related disorders. It has both in patient and outpatient facilities.

Navajyothi Child Psychiatry Centre : 

Navajyothi Child Psychiatry Centre Out-Patient Department Diagnosis and Management Psychological assesment IQ and Scholastic assesment.

Navajyothi Child Psychiatry Centre : 

Navajyothi Child Psychiatry Centre In-Patient services Psychological management Individual therapy Family therapy Behavioral modification Occupational therapy Remediation for children with LD.

Navajyothi Child Psychiatry Centre : 

Navajyothi Child Psychiatry Centre Navajyothi Training Centre for Autism Occupational Therapy Audio visual unit Remediation teaching Speech therapy

Rehabilitation Unit : 

Rehabilitation Unit KMHC started its rehabilitation unit in 1997 with the objective of preserving patients residual capacities from further deterioration. 35 patients are presently admitted. Vocational rehabilitation. Social skills training. Active care programme. Group Therapy. Recreational activities. Activities for improving the functional level of each patient.

Outreach programmes : 

Outreach programmes Navajyothi counselling centre, Plarivattom. Lisieux counselling centre, Chembumukku Liason- psychiatry, Co-operative panchayath Hospital, Thrikkakara Industrial counselling School mental health programme

Slide 14: 

Patron Superior general Director Provincial Superior Governing board Administrator Administrative team Medical superintend Nursing superintend Assi. administrator Psychiatrist Clinical Psychiatrist Pharmacist Occupational Therapist Speech Therapist Special Educators Lab Technician Head Nurse Ward in charge Auxiliary Nurses Domestic staff Clinical Instructor Student Nurses Accountant Clerical staff Dietitian Drivers OPD Staff Security Hostel warden

Activities of SSW in child psychiatry section : 

Activities of SSW in child psychiatry section Daily meeting and evaluation with psychiatric social worker Interacted with caretakers of autistic children Psycho social assessment of children having problems Interaction with interdisciplinary team members Visited training units and therapy sessions in the child psychiatry department Organized participatory personality development program for children

Activities of SSW in adult psychiatry section : 

Activities of SSW in adult psychiatry section Observation and interaction with people with psychiatric problems Daily rounds with the inter disciplinary team members Conducted group activities for the patients in the occupational therapy sessions Took case history and mental status examination Organized group sharing and interactive session for the bystanders

Activities in the rehabilitation unit : 

Activities in the rehabilitation unit functional assessment Observed vocational rehabilitation activities Interaction with patients in the rehabilitation and evaluated their current level of functioning Organized group activities for the patients in the afternoon session

Slide 18: 

Visited Cardinal Padiyara Nature Yogashram. Visited Asha Bhavan, Assylum for cured mentally challenged people. Prepared documentary on AUTISM. Worked in speech therapy unit. Worked in Remediation programme. Trained children who is having low IQ

Group work : 

Group work Participatory training programme for "CHANGATHIKKOOTTAM" Participatory group therapy for bystanders.

Observations : 

Observations Open hospital where patients are admitted either voluntarily or along with a responsible relative Possesses a beautiful and spacious campus which allows the patients to move around freely Majority of the patients had paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder Spiritual healing

Cntd.. : 

Cntd.. Some of the patients had side effects of medication like drooling, drowsiness etc. Occupational therapy had a great impact on the different levels of functioning of individuals Family involvement was one of the specialties of kusumagiri. Psycho education and awareness programes were arranged for the bystanders.

Cntd… : 

Cntd… Better chances of improvement is possible in the case of people having positive symptoms Early diagnosis is better than later treatment in the case of autistic children Each member in the inter disciplinary team have their own role and no one is superior and inferior. proper diagnosis can be done only through experience

Learning points…. : 

Learning points…. Learned to take case history and mental status examination Learned to deal with people with psychiatric problems Learned to understand psychotic symptoms shown by the patient

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