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Digitized Logos is Washington’s leading provider of custom promotional gifts with the highest quality & best price. We deal with wide range of promotional products for brands and corporates in US. Before that learn what exactly a promotional product is. Visit our online store for more details. https://www.digitizedlogos.com/promotional-products/


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C u s t o m Promotional G i f t s Take Your Brand To The Next Level Washington Digitized Logos

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Everything You Need To Know About Promotional Products


W H A T A R E P R O M O T I O N A L PRODUCTS Promotional products are gifts or giveaways that have logo, company name or tagline imprinted on them for promotional purposes. They can be mugs, drinkwares, Apparels, bags or anything else. https://www.digitizedlogos.com/promotional-products/

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In a busy marketplace , your brand reliability is something that is more important https://www.digitizedlogos.com/promotional-products/


BENEFITS OF PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS Holiday Gifts Giveaways Brand Promotions Sales Promotions Events and Launchers Employee gifts Business Development Awards and Rewards Appreciation Gifts Apologies Tradeshows Sports Teams Milestones Prizes and many others https://www.digitizedlogos.com/promotional-products/

Types Of Promotional Products:

T h e r e a r e a r a n g e o f p r o d u c t s t h a t c a n b e a v a il ab l e for brand promotions at best prices: Apparel A u t o m o t i v e Electronic E c o P r o d u c t s Gift Baskets A w a r d s a n d R e c o g n i t i o n Bags Banners Calenders Corporate Gifts C l o c k s a n d w a t c h e s Drinkware Sports and Outdoors Types Of Promotional Products https://www.digitizedlogos.com/promotional-products/

How do I decide which products to use? :

How do I decide which products to use ? 1 . D e f i n e y o u r a u d i e n c e a n d w h a t y o u ’ r e t r y i n g t o a cc o m p li s h for each one . A r e y o u b u y i n g p r o d u c t s t o c o m p l e m e n t a p r o s p e c t marketing campaign? A r e t h e y b e i n g u s e d t o s h o w app r e c i a t i o n t o c u s t o m e r s , donors, clients, volunteers, employees? D o y o u w a n t t o r e c o g n i z e p e o p l e ’ s a cc o m p li s h m e n t s a n d achievements? Do you want to attract new customers or donors ? There are m a n y m a r k e t i n g o b j e c t i v e s f o r w h i c h p r o m o t i o n a l p r o d u c t s c a n boost your brand https://www.digitizedlogos.com/promotional-products/

Intend to distribute:

Intend to distribute your promotional products • A r e y o u g i v i n g t h e m o u t a t y o u r p l a c e o f b u s i n e s s o r i n o ff - site locations? D o y o u i n t e n d t o s h i p o r m a i l t h e m ? K ee p t h e s e c o s t s i n m i n d when you select your products. Are you planning to re-sell your products online as a revenue generator? Again, keep storage, fulfillment, and shipping costs in mind when selecting your products. https://www.digitizedlogos.com/promotional-products/

Social Media Accounts:

Social Media A cc o un t s FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/DigitizedLogos/ TWITTER https://twitter.com/digitizedlogos/ INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/digitizedlogos/ https://www.digitizedlogos.com/promotional-products/

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