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Digital Academy 360 is providing digital marketing courses with 100% job placements


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Learn Digital Marketing Course Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is nothing but promotion of product or service through electronic media. In simple words it is the effort by the company to connect with the customers using electronic media like e-mail Facebook LinkedIn Mobile marketing Social Media and online customers. Like conventional marketing the main aim of digital marketing is to connect with the target audience but here it is through digital media. To know the art of Digital Marketing it is recommended that you do Digital Marketing course. The advantage of Digital Marketing: There is a sudden outburst of internet user in the past few years now most people are connected through the internet. Now in this technology-dependent world we go to the internet for whatever questions or needs we have. In traditional Marketing the only way to market your product is through advertisement in paper TV or radio. There was no interaction between the Business and the customer. One of the major reasons why Digital Marketing is taking over traditional marking is because businesses can interact with the target audience. Customers can interact with ones favourite brand or Business. One more reason is cost-effectiveness. Social media can send your message to a wider audience for a fraction of the cost of a TV advertisement. What do you learn in Digital Marketing course There is a sudden demand for digital marketing Professionals. All companies who are selling products or service hire Digital Marketing Professional to sell their goods effectively through digital media. Since the internet is the media through which marketing is carried out Digital marketers should know certain tools which they can use to market the product. These tools are thought in the Digital marketing course. Few are disused below: Social Media SEO and SMM: These three are the fundamentals of Digital marketing. Social media is a platform that brings people together for the exchange of information. This

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platform is used to market goods or service with the help of good posts which can instantly reach thousands of users around the World in a fraction of second. Some of the social media platforms are Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Instagram LinkedIn StumbleUpon and YouTube. Search Engine Optimization is a process of getting maximum traffic to your website from search results on search engine. If blogs are written properly using Adwords then there will be lots of traffic and a good portion of this traffic can turn into potential customers The last part is Social Media Marketing where advertisements are placed on social media websites for the traffic to arrive. Webmaster tools A webmaster tool is an important analytics application by Google through which a digital marketer will be able to track the number of visitors who have visited a website. By using this tool the marketers will have the knowledge of a number of page sessions redirects bounce rates etc. Digital marketing courses will give you a fair knowledge of blogging for instance how to integrate the keywords what title to give etc. All the above tools will be taught at the Digital Marketing Training Institute.

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