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Attend The project management course in bangalore From ExcelR. Free Mock Sessions With Assured Support From Experienced Faculty. ExcelR Offers The Project Management professional course in bangalore.


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PMP MS project To Know More Contact or Visit us ExcelR Solutions

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Overview  Project Management brief – – – Key points Project characteristics Project lifecycle  MS project training

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Project management  The application of knowledge skills tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.

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Key Points       Projects are temporary and result a unique product. Projects are different than operations Scope cost and time are the triple constraints of the project might include quality resources risk Project planning might take 50 of the project Stakeholders Critical path

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Planning a project       Identify final products required to deliver a project Optimize time and the use of resources Identify risks and set priorities Set baseline to measure progress against Communicate the plan to all stakeholders what when who Provide early warning of problems and enable proactive not reactive corrective actions

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Project characteristics  Temporary – Definite beginning definite end.  Unique – Projects are unique despite the presence of repetitive elements  Progressive elaborating – Developing in steps and continuing by increment detailed

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Project lifecycle

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Initiation Phase 1. Develop a Business Case 2. Undertake a Feasibility Study 3. Establish the Project Charter 4. Appoint the Project Team 5. Set up the Project Office 6. Perform a Phase Review

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Project Planning 1. Create a Project Plan 2. Create a Resource Plan 3. Create a Financial Plan 4. Create a Quality Plan 5. Create a Risk Plan 6.Create Acceptance Plan 7.Create a Communications Plan 8.Create a Procurement Plan 9.Contract the Suppliers 10. Perform a Phase Review

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Project Execution Phase 1. Perform Time Mgt 2. Perform Cost Mgt 3. Perform Quality Mgt 4. Perform Change Mgt 5. Perform Risk Mgt 6. Perform Issue Mgt 7. Perform Procurement Mgt 8. Perform Acceptance Mgt 9. Perform Communications Mgt 10. Perform a Phase Review

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Monitoring and Controlling  Measures and monitors progress on a regular basis to identify variances from the project plan so that corrective actions are considered

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Project Closure Phase 1. Perform Project Closure Project closure report 2. Review Project Completion Post Implementation review Lessons learned for future projects

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Conclusions Tips  Always keep the project stakeholders updated and part of your project.  Properly plan for the project before starting the execution phase. remember planning might take more than 50 of a project  Avoid any delay on the project critical path.  Always exit the project with clear deliverables report and lessons learned

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