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Building Links - How Can My Small Business Build Local Links There’s no hiding from the truth: if you want your small business to get to the top of Google search results you need to start building links. But most businesses already now know this. As a result it’s important to find an edge. Luckily there are certain link building techniques that can make sure you outrank your competitors. One of these ways is thinking locally when it comes to link building. Keep reading for some can’t miss local link building techniques for small businesses Take Advantage of Local Resources One of the most effective techniques for building links locally is by taking advantage of local resources. Drive traffic to your site and boost local SEO by getting listed in local directories and review sites. Also ask any local partners if they can link back to your site on their “Partnership” page on their website. If you haven’t established a partnership with any other local businesses build local links by giving testimonials to businesses you regularly interact with. Another great way to take advantage of local resources for the sake of building links is by participating in local community events to earn recognition and links from local news outlets. Make Building Links Easy for People An easy way to local link build is make it easy for other people. You can do this by creating a “Link to Us” page on your business website to make it as easy as possible for other people to link back to you. You can also do this by generating an HTML link snippet at the end of each piece of content you create. Practice Strategic Blogging Blogging strategically is another local link building technique. What does strategic blogging consist of It entails publishing content that people like and captures their interests in an on-

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promotional way guest blogging for other businesses and creating content based on their blog requirements and conducting keyword research and targeting the right keywords. With strategic blogging you will be able to produce quality back links from other blogs while also allowing people to share and link back to you. Don’t Forget to Link Build Images Both the process and positive effects of building links isn’t reserved to merely written content. You can also link build images. Let other people and local businesses use your website’s images but always ensure that they link and attribute the images back to your business. Work with a Reputable Internet Marketing Company It’s time to unlock your business’s potential through effective local link building. And there is no better way to guarantee results than by working with a reputable and experienced internet marketing company. Luckily you can find the best team of internet marketers in South Florida to start building links for your company at Digital Resource. Begin your journey towards the first page of Google by requesting a complimentary link building analysis from us today

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