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Page Rankings | How Can My Business Get on the First Page of Google Times there are a changin. This statement was true in the 1960’s when Bob Dylan first sang those lyrics and it remains true now. Gone are the days of finding businesses through the yellow pages or from word of mouth. Now every business is online and every customer is online looking for businesses. As a result in order to be successful in this new digital world it is essential to have top page rankings. What exactly can your business do in order to get on the first page of Google Keep reading for some can’t miss tips 4 Tips to Improve Your Business Page Rankings on Google

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1. Incorporate Backlinks Backlinks which are also known as inbound links needs to be a primary part of your search engine optimization SEO strategy. These links act as the currency in the search engine world and is what Google uses to determine how trustworthy your website is. However all backlinks are NOT created equal. As a result it’s important to not just use any backlink. Links that are paid for traded for or generated by your own company will only hurt your page rankings. Instead if you want the best rankings it’s essential to opt for backlinks from reputable and authoritative websites. 2. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly More than 80 of internet users own a smartphone today. As more and more people use their mobile phones instead of traditional desktop computers to browse the web the importance of your website being mobile responsive grows. In fact Google has even made mobile-friendliness one of their most crucial ranking factors. This means that Google rewards websites that are mobile friendly with better rankings and punishes sites that don’t load conveniently on mobile devices. 3. Place Keywords in Your Meta Titles Meta titles are what tells Google what kind of traffic to send to your business’s website. As a result optimizing your meta titles which consists of placing the right keywords that people will actually use to search for the products or services you are trying to promote can have an immense impact on your page rankings. Always make sure that the meta titles of your web pages include the right keywords related to your business. 4. Create Highly Specific Landing Pages Google likes to reward websites that provide a page solely dedicated to answering a specific query by searchers. Give both Google and searchers what they want by creating highly specific landing pages. While it is impossible to create unique pages for every variation and combinations of keywords related to your business

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that your target audience might search the closer a landing page answers a query the better. Don’t waste anymore time. Start implementing these tips and more today. Guarantee the best page rankings possible by allowing our dedicated internet marketing team do all the heavy lifting for you. With our effective SEO strategies your business will get to the first page of Google in no time. Request a FREE internet marketing analysis from Digital Resource today

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