Digital marketing for political campaigns in India

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Digital marketing for political campaigns in India:

Digital marketing for political campaigns in I ndia Important strategy for campaigns for a politicians

1. Micro-targeting: :

1. Micro-targeting:   Digital Marketing for political parties  has the power to reach out to the most fragmented sections of audiences and elusive voters. As a politician, you can easily make a youth connection by making engaging personalized content across all platforms. Social media allows political candidates to build their brand in their own way and engage with their voters directly.

2. Audiences::

2. Audiences: here will be 3 major audiences that political parties can target using digital marketing strategies. First-time voters:  These are the young boys and girls who have just turned 18 and are going to vote for the first time.  Regular Voters: They will be looking for better policy changes and will dig deeper intro reforms and earlier performances.  Community Leaders: They are the influencers with a massive following among a particular group of individuals. 

3. Engaging the youth::

3. Engaging the youth: It is the most easily persuaded section of the society which is supposedly apolitical and is always glued to digital marketing channels. Youth are the most active and opinionated bunch of voters out there. Therefor connecting to youth should be the top strategy when it comes to  digital marketing for political parties.

4. Analysing the data::

4. Analysing the data: You might have heard of this saying that data is the new oil.  We create an abundance of data doing our day to day activities over the internet. This data is then used by analyzers to predict our behavior. Politicians can use this data and insights to mold the voters as per their agenda.

5. Authentication::

5. Authentication: In the day and age of one-click shares and WhatsApp forwards, fake news and misleading campaigns can make or break the future of a political party facing the elections. There may be fake accounts spreading rumors about your party with the malicious intent of harming your political campaigns. Therefore a politician or the political party must reach to its voters before anyone else. 

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