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• Having a local development environment helps developers to develop sites efficiently even when there is no internet. • It offers flexibility and freedom to customize the setup without affecting the live site. • So the following are some of the fundamental steps for setting up a local development environment. BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SET UP A LOCAL DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT IN DRUPAL 8

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Developers need an apache server running PHP version 5 in addition to MySQL to build a development environment in Drupal 8. SERVER INSTALLATION O1

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O2 FILE STRUCTURE • Demands to have a well-organized file structure for its database and coding. • So once the server is installed it is essential to set a location for the main folder and backing it up regularly.

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PROJECTS • Core functions are extended by hosting contributed modules known as projects. • Thus developers need to download the latest and stable version. O3

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LOCALHOST FOLDER • In order to develop locally it is crucial to create a localhost folder that will store the database settings for installation. • The default.settings.php must be copied and renamed to settings.php. O4

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DATABASE CREATION • Next is to create a database on the MySQL server to store all the information related to a site. • Developers have access to phpMyAdmin and Navicat for this process. O5

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INSTALL DRUPAL Once the database is created it can be installed by choosing the standard installation profile and configuring some basic installation and language settings. Installing O6

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ENTER VALUES • Now it’s time to enter values such as database name host the user name and password. • Upon submitting the form Drupal will install by itself within minutes. O7

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GOOD TO GO Developers will have an empty site ready for development now so the next step is not stopping with this and trying to learn a few more things that make local environment development simpler. 08

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