On Page Ranking Factors All You Need To Know

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On-Page Ranking Factors: All You Need To Know Search engine optimization is all about On-page and Off-page optimization. With new Google algorithms releasing every year one needs to keep in mind the important factors which can impact the SERPs. Read this article to know the essential On-Page ranking factors that you should optimize to get better results. We all know that On-page ranking factors refer to the elements of individual web pages that help to make them rank better in Google’s SERPs and attract traffic. These factors can have a big effect on the web page’s ability to rank if optimized appropriately. To understand their impact on the ranking first you need to know what those factors are. The major on-page ranking factors are: Content of Page Content plays an important part to make the page worthy of SERPs. A good content is essential for the search engines. From the SEO point-of-view a good content holds two characteristics: relevant and linkable.

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Relevance: Good content is the one that is relevant to the topic. It can be anything. It can be an image video article blog or even sound. But it should be according to the search query in order to be recognized as good content. Linkable: From SEO point-of-view if the content is not linkable it is of no use. If no one can link the content then it won’t appear in the SERPs and as a result it won’t attract the traffic to the specific website. Title Tag Title tags as the name suggest refers to the title of a web page. In other words it is the brief description of the page’s content. Title tags are displayed on the SERPs. They are one of most vital on-page factors for search engine optimization after content. The optimal length of a title tag is 60-70 characters. URL Another important factor that can impact the on-page ranking of the web page is its URL. It is essential that the URL displays the category hierarchy of the specific website in a proper manner. Search engine utilize this information to determine the relevancy of a given web page without even checking the content on the page. A static URL of the web page is better than the dynamic URL as former provides clear details of the webpage’s hierarchy. Alt Text

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This is also a significant factor that describes the image on the web page to the visitor who cannot see it. An alt text is analyzed by the web crawlers for relevant information. It is a part of Image SEO. Including keyword in the alt text adds an extra weight to the overall optimization of the web page. For More Information Visit Here: Click here for visit our website: http://www.digitalavtar.com/

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