Top 5 Tips To Go Global With Your E-Commerce Website


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Are you an e-commerce website owner? Localize your site to maximize profit with the help of E-commerce specialists and reach out to international customers.


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Top 5 Tips To Go Global With Your E-Commerce Website

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With the digital space brimming with opportunities, it is imperative for you to build an e-commerce website to reach out to the net-savvy digital natives. But are you catering to the needs of international markets with your e-commerce website? If you are planning to cross-borders with your retail  e-store  then it is worth considering these following factors: Analyze supply and demand Localize your product Work on site localization Set prices as per local market Prioritize privacy of customer data

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Analyze supply and demand In order to find out the probability of your product’s success in other international markets, you have to assess your business from the point of view of local market there. You would need to conduct an analysis around local competitors, consumer behaviour and product pricing on a regional basis. Having a full understanding of the supply-and-demand dynamic for your product and its potential price is essential for your e-commerce operations to succeed abroad.

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Localize your product Before you launch physical products in international markets, you would need to adapt your solutions in order to support local preferences. If you think that by aggressive marketing or pricing you can change ingrained cultural appetite then you are wrong! Many U.S. based companies have failed to launch their existing products in new market due to this thinking. For instance, Mattel’s failure to launch Barbie in China many years ago due to such cultural disconnect.

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Work on site localization Ensure that your brand’s messaging remains intact while translating your e-commerce site to a local language for an authentic localization. Also even after translation your message must be appealing to local consumers in terms of language, style, tone, terminologies and shopping habits. Do not make the mistake of relying on Google translate rather recruit a local team for adaptation of your e-commerce site to a new market.

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Set prices as per local market When you craft your pricing strategy consider your cost to manufacture the product, foreign exchange rates, your competitor’s pricing, local taxes and regulation, and the price your international customer will pay. Include as many payment options as possible to reduce cart abandonment rate by your international customer.

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Prioritize privacy of customer data When you go global with your e-commerce website it is important that you prioritize privacy of your customer data to establish in your relationship. Also reassure them that their personal information won’t be used for any other purpose without their consent. Also invest in technologies required to make your e-commerce website secure.

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To excel in the international online marketplace it is important for you to keep these factors in mind to minimize road blocks. Also you must consider developing your e-commerce website on a content management system built only for e-commerce such as Magento and take service from Magento Certified Solution Specialist to provide you professional guidance. Originally published at : http ://

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