Business Alert! Don’t Be Hasty To Release Your Mobile App


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Mobile app development requires a strategic approach to meet the development deadlines in time. Learn the reasons for why haste in releasing the mobile app.


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Business Alert! Don’t Be Hasty To Release Your Mobile App

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As they say, hasty decisions lead to chaos where you miss out on the important details. So I thought of highlighting this point for those businesses that ignored the important points and release their mobile apps.  With the increase in the number of security breaches, it is important that your  web application  or  mobile applications  are secured. But many times, in hurry of releasing a mobile app, many take the decisions and do not pay attention to the possible consequences of ignoring the security of the  mobile app solution . 

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Also , the economy is one of the factors driving the change in the IT security, thus businesses are struggling to meet the customer demands and offering secure solutions. Here is a survey report and statistic that will highlight the consequences of ignoring security for a mobile app. The  mobile development experts  must pay attention to them: 

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The Security Imperative: Driving Business Growth in The App Economy conducted by Coleman Parkes highlighted the following : The research surveyed 1770 senior business and IT executives with more than 100 CSOs and CISOs in order to investigate the security operations that affect the business performance. The report presented the following results: The businesses that view IT security as a business enabler but they struggle to deliver stronger protection under the pressure of the app economy.  68% of respondents admit they compromise on security to get apps to the market faster. A REPORT:  

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The management of the security is seen as a difficult aspect to fight by IT businesses and IT Development agencies globally. To meet the pressures of the customer demand, many businesses are compromising on the quality of the solution. 

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According to the Founder of Helios Solutions, an End to End Solutions Provider “It is difficult to protect anything that is out there, but we do all that we can without compromising on the quality of our solutions and products. A thought after strategic approach towards development and meeting deadlines is important where they consider the internal and the external factors that can affect the development process. But one way out is that  IT agencies  or companies can educate their clients and make them understand the importance of security. These people require awareness because there are few responsibilities from the end of the customer and the client themselves”. 

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The main agenda here to be able to offer the experience while making the customer feel secure while using the  mobile apps . The new innovations and advance in  technology  has given rise to the use of mobile apps allowing convenience to communicate and function from anywhere and anytime. But all this seems to really vulnerable at the moment due to the market demands. 

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My experience as a  mobile development specialist  has highlighted a few points that influence these decisions. But my clients have always struggled post the release of the app due to the above reasons. And as a result they land up investing more in a solution than they should be. So it is always ideal to develop a strategy and take an advice from an expert before you go ahead with the development of a mobile app.  Originally published at : http://

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