How Android Fragments can be Worthwhile for Developing Your App?


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How Android Fragments Can Be Worthwhile For Developing Your App?

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How Android Fragments Can Be Worthwhile For Developing Your App? Enhancing customer experience is the prime focus of  mobile app  manufacturers, these days, regardless of the operating system they are aiming to target. Their actions more or less resonate with the words of the legendary Steve Jobs, “You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the  technology —not the other way around.” Taking this mood further, even in the field of android app development, the manufacturing process is undergoing constant modifications in order to keep pace with the latest device updates which are subsequently reflected in the latest versions of Android. Consequently, the Android ecosystem is increasingly witnessing ‘fragments’ in its operating system!

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Although it is perceived as a problem but it can be beneficial at the same time. Let us delve into some of the places wherein fragments are playing great role:

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Originally , in  android app development , it was very challenging to pass information between screens as each screen was implemented as a separate Activity and Android Intent mechanism does not allow passing an object directly between Activities. The object must be made globally accessible reference. Whereas, treating each screen as a separate fragment within the context of an Activity the object reference becomes easily accessible for fragments through the Activity preventing the need of information transfer between them. Data Passing Between App Screens

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Tabs and Dropdown Lists are the two most common  user interface  metaphors generally used for organizing app screens. Tabs work well when there are few screens and Dropdown lists are great when there are several of them. Implementing these user interface metaphors becomes easy with fragments. In both the instances, you just need to put the Android  Action Bar into the navigation mode that is appropriate, and then switch between the displayed fragments by using a FragmentTransaction . Organizing user interface

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With the advanced use of fragments, they are increasingly becoming part of rich user interface design as well as the foundation of the more sophisticated UI metaphors. Swipe-based navigation is quite favourite among users which you can add to your app by simply implementing a fragment for each screen, placing a ViewPager in the interface layout and then by connecting the ViewPager to a FragmentPagerAdapter . Foundation of advanced UI metaphors

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Despite the ongoing debate, whether fragmentation is good or bad, the fact cannot be overlooked that the diversity added by fragments is the root cause of Android’s global reach. If you want to realize your dream of building your own app for the Android platform then you can count on our  Android App Development Specialists  to deliver cost-effective expert solution Originally published at : http://

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