Excess of WordPress Plugins are NOT GOOD for Website!


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Building a WordPress website with WordPress Plugins? Warning: DO NOT OVERUSE! Learn its effect on website & how you can build the WordPress website smartly!


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Excess of WordPress Plugins are NOT GOOD for Website !

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Excess of WordPress Plugins are NOT GOOD for Website ! When you are building a WordPress website, you generally select a theme to create a website that needs tweaks in order to get the desired output.  WordPress Plugins  come as a blessing for WordPress development. But what happens in this process? Sometimes you land up adding too many plugins and extensions . Anything you need for a wordpress site can be achieved with the use of plugins . There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress websites. Be it social media buttons or an image slider, it is all available as per your requirements. In very few cases, you may need to create a new plugin or may in the case of custom WordPress development . There are more than 50,000 plugins available for WordPress open source framework and on top of it, there is a huge community of WordPress developers backing it up! 

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Excess of WordPress Plugins are NOT GOOD for Website ! This is the reason that most of  WordPress developers  create a development plan. I agree there is no other more convenient  CMS platform to build with, but there are few drawbacks too. Moreover, WordPress also suffers from security vulnerabilities and thus too many plugins can prove making this factor even worse.

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So How Many Plugins is Appropriate for a WordPress Website?  WordPress is generally very easy to work with. Development is convenient with the use of available WordPress resources like WordPress Website Templates , WordPress Page Builders, WordPress Development Tools, WordPress Page Editors, WordPress Plugins etc . These Plugins definitely come handy when you wish to extend functionality by adding plugins without editing the code or writing a new one for the required functionality. Yes, I understand it is not easy to control using them when you need them and because they are very helpful . The reason that I have brought this topic to limelight is to eradicate the myth that plugins do not slow the website. We are aware that plugins help in optimizing the performance of the website. But let’s face the fact: 

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So How Many Plugins is Appropriate for a WordPress Website?    The catch it whether you add the code to the WordPress files of themes instead of installing the plugins , it come down to the same thing. So get over this myth! But on the other hand, how knows how many are right. The answer is ask yourself which ones are right and which ones are required! I know of one website that uses more than 600 plugins in the  WordPress website and their website works fine. So you understand that how many does not matter, which ones matter ! We are aware that plugins are used to add features and extend functionalities so if you think that features is important, go ahead and install it . “Adding a WordPress plugins leads to an additional code snippet in your website. Yes, it is true that it WordPress plugins do not slow down your wordpress website but it does increase the code of the website, therefore your website will take a little more time to load”.  

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What is the effect of Plugins on WordPress websites?  & What to Avoid ? A few plugins affect the front end of a website which indirectly affects the loading speed of the page. Also, there are other plugins that affect the back end of the wordpress website. And many plugins that affect both – front end and back end of the website. Avoid using plugins like  Google XML sitemap  or such posts plugins . They are mostly affecting the performance of a particular action and are good to avoid. 

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Conduct Analysis of Requirements  Look into your features of the sitemap, and analyse the importance of those requirements. See which features need plugins and then accordingly choose a WordPress plugin . You always have a choice to replace the plugin with a manual code. It could much effort but you can do it in case your website code is heavier. If you are using YARP – Yet Another Related Post Plugin , then I suggest writing a code. But do not compromise on the security and a WordPress website needs it. 

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Recommended Plugins Used by WordPress Development Experts  WordPress SEO by Yoast Akismet SEO Friendly Images W3 Total Cache Google Analytics Tool Make your choices wisely and smartly. Choose WordPress Plugins that offer multiple advantages with one install. Plan your development and prepare of the list of features and functionalities for the WordPress development and then pursue it with caution. You can always ask for help at the community from  WordPress Development Specialists . Originally Published At: http://bit.ly/29K10lP

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