5 Mind Blowing Tools for PHP Development


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PHP Development has a large number of developers globally and thus immense resources are available. Explore interesting and easy tools for PHP development.


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5 Mind – Blowing Tools For PHP   Development

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5 Mind – Blowing Tools For PHP Development Most developers use online tools and  code development tools  for development in PHP. So I asked a few developers and found out the most commonly used tools for PHP Development. These tricks can help  PHP Developers  to make their development process faster and improve the quality of their solutions. From the testing to code development, you have it all here.  PHP developers are blessed because they have immense resources available for coding, testing, deploying and other aspects of development process.

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PHP   Development Tools

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1. PHPUnit PHPUnit is a programmer-oriented testing framework for PHP. It is an instance of xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks. PHP Development Expertshappen to love it. Use it to test and cache bugs . https://phpunit.de/getting-started.html  – Click to get started with PHPUnit .

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2 . PHPStorm It is brilliant text editor which is optimized specifically for programming in PHP. It is a good framework to develop in  Drupal ,  WordPress ,  Zend ,  CakePHP ,  or Symfony . It allows robust development in PHP environment.

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3. PHP Proxy Library Use this tool called Proxy Library for availing API server. If you install PHP script on your server than your JavaScript code will be able to access the remote webpages . Here, you don’t have to restrict yourself for cross domain security issues.

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4. Debug with XDebug With this amazing debugging tool, you can easily debug all those aspects. The new functioning monitoring allows defining of list of function with xdebug_start_function_monitor (),. So whenever you use the function, the call is recorded. The new debugger xdebug.show_error_trace in the settings which represents a stack trace for every Error ( throwable ).

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5 . Ion Cube It is that tool that will protect your solution made with PHP technology. It is a PHP Encoder protects and licenses your PHP scripts and website. It provides features of JIT decoding plus external and innovative Algorithmic Dynamic Keys. It works for  Windows  and OS XGUI. It protects revenue by locking scripts to domains.

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The Do’s & Don’ts of PHP Development Avoid Running Long Scripts Don’t Overload the Server Take warnings seriously Use Composer for Dependency Management Use PHPMyAdmin Graphic Interface

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About PHP Supports development using other frameworks Frequent updates enable bettering development Convenient to develop, maintain and deploy Different open source CMS available with run on LAMP servers PHP is one of the most widely used coding languages by developers. It allows easy programming for creating mid- sized and large web applications. Originally published at: http:// bit.ly/2a53oV5

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