Some Serious Competition: Angular vs Ext JS


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This is Web App War! The Technology war between Angular JS & Ext JS has gone another level. Lets see who is topping on the technology battle ground.


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Some Serious Competition: Angular vs Ext  JS

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On the technology battle ground, open source frameworks are giving each other a tough competition. This battle aims to tame the challenge of providing the best in  web app development . More programmers prefer learning  Angular JS  and  Ext JS  open source technologies.   And in the last year, we saw an increase in its market value. Programmers are embracing them and this is the biggest reason for such cutting edge competition. There is some serious one on one among the programmers during focused group discussions. Let us discuss what so interesting about these development frameworks that programmers have fallen in love with them. 

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Angular JS – Known for Data Binding The world is moving fast and so is the world of technology, which is resulting in getting things done faster than ever while minimizing the physical effort. Angular JS is slowly becoming the favorite framework for its steep learning curve as it lets them create web apps with effective architecture. 

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Benefits of Angular Js for Developers Provides  HTML Directives Data Binding  helps in models and views Avails  Filters  to enhance displays Partial Views  for single page applications Offers  Modules  for the robust development process Testing and maintaining is easier with  Dependency Injection Easy  Configuration of Modules  for binding routes, view and controllers Provides  Controllers  for data of views 

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Ext JS – Known for Rich UI Applications Ext JS offers very rich features for the development of UI applications. Many developers and programmers are using Ext JS for development of single page applications. Ext Js was indeed specifically designed for single page application development. 

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Benefits of Ext JS for Developers  Offers a rich  UI components Provides with strong  Data Package Gives layouts that are  Engine Written States  same API Many  Layout  types Avails continued  Performance Testing Convenient  Documentation  and  4000+ Unit Tests Overhauled & standardized  API Docs Simple  Configuration & Extensible Widgets X- Browser  Support  

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Ext JS and Angular JS are considered to the emerging open source networks of the present times. They are enabling developers and programmers to develop rich UI and backend for web apps and single page applications. And looking into the growing need, both are equally being enjoying their market value with a constant increase in their demand. Both the frameworks are good for their own place, but for some developers in Angular JS is better and for some developers in Ext JS is good. So it’s a tough call, but these technologies are here to stay in the game!  Originally published at : http://

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